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‘We Don’t Wanna See Your Wife Like That’: Steve Harvey’s Sexy Birthday Post to Marjorie Derails After Fans Zoom In on This 

Steve Harvey took to Instagram on Oct. 10 to show love to his wife, Marjorie Harvey, in honor of her 58th birthday.

The couple, married now for 15 years, currently is celebrating her special day by taking a getaway trip to an undisclosed location. In the upload, the “Family Feud” host shared a seductive photo of Marjorie alongside a touching message.

The image featured Marjorie wearing a glittery black top and a matching skirt with an exposed thong, which is a current fashion trend. In the message, Steve expressed how much he loved his wife by writing the caption, “Happy Birthday to my Queen….. the best thing ever happened to me @marjorie_harvey.” 

Immediately following Steve’s post, Marjorie thanked him for his kind words. She said, “Thank you, My love.” As fans began to view the upload, many sent well-wishes to the birthday girl. 

“Oh, she’s a Libra? I understand now Steve. Happy birthday beautiful lady!”

“Happy Birthday Ma’am. I wish you all the good things of life, long life and prosperity. Have a wonderful birthday. Cheers to your new age.”

“Happy birthday to your Queen.”

“Happy birthday to your Queen wishing her many more.”

Among the previous responses, several others expressed in the comments section how much they didn’t like the photo that Steve chose to honor his wife. The majority of the remarks talked about Marjorie’s revealing ensemble.

While hinting at Marjorie’s attire not being considered age-appropriate, one social media user wrote, “Maybe someone should tell her she’s a grandma.”

Another said, “What is wrong with this middle-aged woman? Is she running a competition with her daughter?” A third person claimed that they were taken aback by the photo because they didn’t want to view Steve’s wife negatively.

That person wrote, “That was for your eyes only, Uncle Steve! You are such a role model to many & we don’t wanna see your wife like that.”

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