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‘Shaq Ain’t Letting This One Go’: Shaquille O’Neal Relives Interaction with Stevie Wonder That Reignites Conversation Around Singer’s Blindness 

In the past, Shaquille O’Neal has talked about his brief interaction with Stevie Wonder.

The former NBA player shared the story on numerous shows and even went as far as to create a cartoon sketch about his experience. O’Neal’s tale attracted attention because the father of six believed that Wonder, who is blind, can actually see.

On Oct. 5, while appearing in a promotional clip for an upcoming episode of “Drink Champs,” which is hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, O’Neal told the hosts in detail what went down when he encountered Stevie Wonder in an elevator. 

While revealing that the pair lived in the same building and describing its structure, O’Neal said, “We lived in the same building. … You can park in front, or you can park in the bottom. I’m already in the elevator.”

Further in the conversation, when N.O.R.E. asked if O’Neal had seen Wonder enter the building without assistance, the 50-year-old disclosed that he didn’t.

While revealing that Wonder knew who was in the elevator and the exact button to press, he said, “I didn’t see that, but he got on the elevator dolo. I’m standing in the corner. I see him. I don’t want to say nothing. He says, ‘What up, Diesel?’ He hit his bottom and got off the floor, and I’m like [makes a face].”

Immediately following O’Neal’s remarks, the hosts burst into laughter. As the laughs and chatter subsided, O’Neal disclosed that he was used to that reaction because his friend acted the same way.

While repeating the elevator encounter, O’Neal said, “At first he came in and [does a nodding gesture]. … I’m just in the corner, he was like, ‘What up, Diesel?’ I didn’t say nothing. I called my boy and he gave me the same reaction y’all give me. But it’s all good. “

Towards the end of the clip, when DJ EFN tried making sense of the situation by suggesting that elevator buttons had braille written on them, O’Neal gave the “Drink Champs” co-host a stern look.

As fans viewed the clip, many expressed how O’Neal’s story about his encounter with Wonder hasn’t changed and that he isn’t letting up. One social media user went as far as to point out that other celebrities shared similar encounters with Wonder.

“Shaq story has not changed all these years….we see u see us see you Stevie.”

“Shaq ain’t letting this one go.”

“I’ve heard too many famous people on podcast or in interviews saying they encountered Stevie and he did something that made them think ‘Damn can he see.’ He be facetime calling people too, that was the funniest story.”

“You ain’t fooling Shaq.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up O’Neal’s facial expressions at the end of the clip. One wrote, “Shaqsss face at the end!” Another said, “That ‘FOH’ face he gives when dude says ‘there’s braille on the elevator buttons.’”

O’Neal’s story is just the latest to make the case that Stevie Wonder can see.

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