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‘Whatever This Is, Please Keep It Going’: Rick Ross Has an Alter Ego That Has Fans In Tears from Laughter

Rick Ross may be the biggest boss, but that does not mean he is too busy to find a way to make work fun. 

The “Diced Pineapples” rapper is no stranger to using his presence on social media to highlight the various ways he finds to make his day amusing or to enjoy his fortune, but his latest post takes things to a new level. In a video posted to Instagram, the rapper revealed something of an alter ego that has fans in tears from laughter.

Setting the tone for what his followers were about to witness was a caption that read “While I can appreciate his mission, I have no affiliation whatsoever with the masked figure known as SuperZod.” What happened next is best explained as: Ross, or SuperZod, is seen rocking a maroon Bethune-Cookman shirt and a gold face mask while talking about is special knack for turning dreadful parties into festive gatherings.

He starts off by saying, “Hey, guys, I know I’ve saved a lot of wack parties. I know a lot of people depend on me, promoters, private residences, etcetera, etcetera, and a lot of questions are they want to know who’s the man behind the mask.”

He continues by adding, “One thing I’ll never do is reveal my true identity. I’m here for one reason, one reason only, to save your wack parties. And the thing about it, I love getting tips, but I can feel a wack party! I can smell a wack party,” before breaking into laughter. He also used the opportunity to showcase his Bumbo rum. 

Fans flooded the comments section of the post with laughing emojis. But, those who felt moved to comment, wrote various things, from “where were you when I was in college?” to praise for the HBCU plastered across his shirt. And, well, others were just tickled by the skit. 

“Look like a mucha lucha character.”

“Whatever this is…please keep it going.”

“This lowkey would be brilliant on a real commercial OG. Keep the mask and get u a gold suit like gold dust.”

“Silly I thought you was in WWE Wrestling for a second.” 

Some people offered up new name ideas, which included, The Belaire Bandit, Ross Mysterio, Captain Belaire, to name a few.

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