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‘Why the Hell is He … Giving Marriage Advice?’: Devon Franklin Faces Backlash After Guest Starring as a Love Expert on ‘Married At First Sight’ Following Divorce from Meagan Good

In the newest episode of “Married at First Sight” the cast and crew welcomed Devon Franklin as a temporary relationship expert. 

Marriage experts are qualified individuals who help guide those a part of the experience on the show and give them words of encouragement, advice, and anything else needed in order for the newlyweds to ultimately have a healthy marriage. 

Being a relationship expert is a huge responsibility because one is an essential part of the newlyweds’ lives, which is why many fans were confused as to why Franklin became part of the experts panel. 

For those who are unaware, Franklin is a motivational speaker, preacher, and producer who was married to actress Meagan Good for nearly 10 years before the pair broke news that they were divorcing. 

Viewers of the popular Lifetime show were left shook after seeing Franklin pop up on their television screens, although Franklin was a guest whose role was a temporary relationship expert, fans still can’t wrap their minds on his purpose since he is divorced. 

“Didn’t Devon Franklin file divorce from Meagan Good? Why the hell is he on married at first sight giving marriage advice?” 

“So, was this filmed before or after Devon Franklin filed for divorce from his wife?”

“Devon Franklin and Meagan Good divorced so it’s interesting seeing him giving marriage advice.”

“All these ‘Devon Franklin giving advice when he’s recently divorced’… ummm maybe that’s why he could give the advice he’s giving”

While some fans felt Franklin’s presence was not needed, others believed Franklin’s journey from marriage to divorce made him an experienced expert in love. 

“Not gonna lie, I actually like Devon Franklin on #MAFS”

Franklin recently received backlash for agreeing to joining “Married at First Sight” and has spoken out about signing on to the show before splitting with the “Harlem” actress. The 44-year-old life coach also revealed to fans that he went through therapy which “taught him a lot about how to effectively approach his next romantic relationship.”

In an interview back in June, Franklin spoke with “Hip Hop Hollywood” and gave insight on his role as a temporary expert for the show. 

He told the interviewer, “One of the main takeaways in a relationship, and I really encourage couples to look in the first you know. I- before you do this say, ‘What’s my part in this?’ and, ‘Can I take ownership and responsibility of my part before I demand someone else to do the same.’”

Franklin has been adamant on not publicly placing blame on his ex-wife after the pair posted a joint statement announcing their divorce, stating, “There’s no one at fault.”

While Franklin is not a permanent love expert on the show, he definitely received a lot of attention after starring on the show. Fans can watch the show every Wednesday at 8 on Lifetime TV.

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