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‘What a Moment to Witness’: Jennifer Hudson and Sheryl Lee Ralph Come Together for a ‘Dreamgirls Experience’ on Hudson’s New Daytime Talk Show

Forty-one years ago, Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph portrayed Deena Jones in the Broadway musical, “Dreamgirls,” and 25 years later EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson portrayed Effie White in the Broadway musical turned motion picture. 

Both women have proved that once a Dreamgirl, always a Dreamgirl after they danced around in pink boas while singing “Dreamgirls” on Hudson’s new daytime talk show, “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” 

After Ralph discussed the feeling that rushed through her bones as she accepted her first Emmy award for the sitcom series “Abbott Elementary,” Hudson insisted the two ladies join together in having some “Dreamgirls fun.” 

Reminiscing about her work process for the 1981 Broadway musical classic, Ralph told Hudson, “Our work was step, touch, step touch.”

Intriguingly interested in learning more, Hudson asked Ralph if she wanted to show her moves to the audience, in which Ralph agreed while also adamantly suggesting Hudson accompany her. 

“Oh, you want me to go to? Oh Lord, I don’t know if I can keep up” the “Spotlight” singer said as she leaned back and raised her eyebrows. 

The music began to play, and time had no place in their setting as Hudson and Ralph were taken back to their “Dreamgirls” days once they were brought boas to help enhance their “Dreamgirl experience.”

“Girl, now this is not any cheap boa, so you know I’m keeping it!” Ralph said, jokingly. 

Closely paying attention to Ralph’s next move, Hudson explained, “I’m following your lead. You’re the original Dreamgirl, not me.” 

With her shoulders back and facing the audience, Ralph called for the “Dreamgirl experience” to begin. 

“All you have to remember, when you move and you know this, it’s like you want them to see that you’re wonderful, that you love being here on stage,” the 65-year-old said as Hudson started singing their iconic “Dreamgirls” song while sashaying beside her “Dreamgirls” sister.

“Come on, sing baby!” Ralph commanded Hudson. 

Before Hudson knew it, Ralph had joined in on the song with her and the two were sashaying while singing their hit classic together. 

As they reached the lyrics, “All you gotta do is dream,” Ralph swiftly strayed away from the tune and pulled Hudson in close as she said, “and guess what, I’ll be there.” 

Cheers exuded from the audience while Hudson emotionally spoke, “Awww she’s here y’all!” 

Viewers of their interaction couldn’t help but applaud Hudson and Ralph on all of their success. 

“Two legends on the same stage”

“Love to see our sisters embracing one another”

“What a moment to witness these two extraodinary Dreamgirls!”

Both women have created memorable performances that are still spoken about 41 and 25 years later. 

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