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‘Rob Him, Why You Gotta Kill Him?’: Fat Joe Receives Backlash After Criticizing PnB Rock’s Murder But Not His Robbery

Rapper Fat Joe has recently faced some backlash after his appearance on Charlamagne Tha God’s late night talk show, “Hell of a Week” after stating his thoughts involving the tragic death of Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock.

While discussing the “Selfish” singer’s robbery and murder, the New York City native shared his belief on not being against the rapper being robbed but disagreeing with the robber taking Rock’s life.

The “What’s Luv” rapper confessed he used to rob people when he was younger. 

“I used to stick people up, I used to rob people. I’m being honest, I’m not trynna f–k with y’all. I’m not against him robbing him. Caught him? Rob him, why you gotta kill him? Why you gotta kill him, and that’s what bothers me.” 

Fat Joe continued, “Not only destroy that family but what about the other families that are sitting in Roscoe’s and they see somebody get their brains blown out in front of them. You destroy a whole village with one shot.” 

He explained different ways gun violence in Black and brown communities could be changed with help from original gangsters who are experienced in gang life. 

“My thing is when you go to LA they gotta rule called check-in now, right? Why don’t the check-ins check in ahead of time, you know when you go in your hotel your keys already ready? Why don’t the OGs tell them, ‘Hey, rob them don’t kill them’?” 

After media outlets got ahold of Fat Joe’s comments, individuals went all the way up on social media in disagreement with the rapper. 

“‘I’m not against robbing him’ sounds crazy. Like do you think his family wanna hear that?”

“Ahh yes, rob people don’t kill them folks I’m sure that won’t backfire”

“He just been out of pocket consistently. He has no honor no code straight vulture. N—-s let him get too comfortable so it thinks it’s cool to be out of pocket”

With backlash coming his way, Fat Joe has stood behind his belief and even posted the conversation onto his instagram writing, “We have to do better” as his caption. 

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