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‘Another Culture Vulture’: Fat Joe Sparks Debate After Saying Both Latinos and Blacks Created Hip-Hop

Fat Joe’s weekend got off to a somewhat disruptive start following his comments regarding hip-hop culture’s origins.

The incident was triggered by a photo the South Bronx native shared paying homage to Latino hip-hop pioneers. “Thank you Thank you Thank you for your contribution to Hip Hop,” the rapper wrote in the caption. 

Fat Joe
Fat Joe claims Latinos and Black co-created hip hop during a recent Instagram Live. Photo:@fatjoe/Instagram

Comments peppered throughout the comment section attempted to diminish Joe’s praising moment, including one user who replied, “They still didn’t CREATE hiphop…. Salute to them tho.” 

The following day, the 57-year-old rap veteran returned to his socials to celebrate the release of DJ Khaled’s latest album “God Did.” Joe also took it as an opportunity to address the negative remarks about Latino’s contribution to the art form.

Roughly 52 minutes into the Instagram Live session, the veteran emcee admitted he “never really f–k with Twitter” but shared, “I go on there to see they always hating on me and s–t.”

He continued, “Lately, they’ve been talking about, ‘Latinos wasn’t in rap.’ These guys are f–king delusional. We’re from the Bronx, New York. Sh-t happens. This is where hip-hop started. It’s Latino and Black, half and half.”

“But they going at me ‘cause I’m like the only Spanish dude with a big voice. Like, ‘F-ck that. Latinos wasn’t there. You was invited. You are a specimen.’ I don’t know what the f-ck is up with these people that don’t know their facts.”

Social media’s reaction was brutal. “DJ Khaled is arguably the biggest culture vulture in hip hop & we have Fat Joe (another culture vulture) to ‘thank’ for that,” claimed one Twitter user. 

“I’m glad ppl are starting to see Fat Joe for what he is. He’s been pushing that “Latino” style #WhiteSupremacy for a while. & now telling bold face LIES trying to #Colonize Hip Hop & erase Black Americans. FOH.” commented another critic. 

Still, amidst the noise, Joe did find some support, including one fan who wrote, “PRs are mixed with Black, among other races so, blacks (including PRs) are 100% creators of hip hop. Fat Joe is not a damn racist cause he is essentially a Spanish black man. Come on, y’all. PRs and blacks grew up in the same neighborhoods and listened to the same music.” 

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