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‘We Lit’: Fans React After Marlon Wayans and His Son Shawn Did This While Spending Quality Time Together 

“Marlon as a pops is super lit” is one of the comments a fan said when describing Marlon Wayans‘ approach to fatherhood after viewing his latest video featuring his son Shawn Wayans. 

The Instagram post shared on March 23 included a present-day video of the pair and a clip from the comedian’s 2017 appearance on Steve Harvey’s daytime television show. During his interview, Marlon was asked by Steve what he would have done if he caught his children smoking.

Comedian Marlon Wayans shares a clip of he and his son Shawn Wayans bonding after allegedly smoking weed. @marlonwayans/Instagram

The comedian responded, “what they smoking?” When Steve clarified in the scenario that the “White Chicks” star‘s children were smoking marijuana, Marlon immediately jumped up and said, “give me that,” while licking his lips. As the past interview played throughout the recording, both Marlon and Shawn were seen showing off their bloodshot eyes. 

The clip ends the duo laughing and giving each other a handshake. Alongside the recording, Marlon captioned the post, “We lit? Follow @shawnwayans on #tiktok.” As Marlon’s followers viewed his upload, many expressed in the comments section how cool the 49-year-old must be as a father. 

“Having you as a father must feel like a blessing.”

“Ugh (laughing emoji) the coolest dad.”

“Dad goals.”

“Marlon as a pops is super lit.”

“Imagine Marlon being your dad, bet it would be pretty dope.”

Among the previous remarks, others responded to Marlon’s reaction during his 2017 interview. A couple of individuals brought up the passing rotation commonly done when smoking marijuana in a group.

One wrote, “Dad said puff puff pass!!” Another said while jokingly claiming that Marlon was teaching his children a “valuable lesson,” “Teaching them a valuable lesson… about passing that s–t to your elders.”

Despite the commotion, it is unclear if Marlon and Shawn were actually under the influence.

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