‘Lil Mama Always Gotta Make It About Herself’: Fans Say Lil Mama Is Still Hurt from 2011 ‘The Breakfast Club’ Interview After She Comes for Charlamagne Tha God Over His Comments About Rappers Getting Killed

It appears that Lil Mama still has a bone to pick with Charlamagne Tha God.

The rapper, whose real name is Niatia Kirkland, called him out over the weekend following his recent interview with Fat Joe on a special episode of Comedy Central’s “Hell of a Week” series.

The animosity stemmed from how Charlamagne treated her when she was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” in 2011. During Lil Mama’s viral appearance, the “Shawty Get Loose” emcee was brought to tears after the host poked fun at her for multiple reasons, including her physical appearance when she discussed her career and how her mother’s passing in 2007 affected her personally and professionally.

On Sept. 18, the 32-year-old brought up their past interaction after a clip of Charlamagne and Fat Joe talking about gun violence within the hip-hop community began circulating online. In the conversation, Fat Joe touched points about how certain artists such as Nipsey Hussle, and Jam Master Jay were killed in their communities because of jealousy.

As the video began making its rounds on social media blogs, including “The Shade Room,” Lil Mama took it upon herself to compare Charlamagne’s past actions to the likes of “cops, killers, feds and other haters.”

While praising Fat Joe’s remarks, she wrote, “@cthagod is a b–h a– n–a too. Why, because when I review the tapes on how he tried to trick me, a black young successful woman from the bottom out of my spot. He actually goes on the list with the cops, killers, feds and other haters. Jealously is a MF and it be your own people. Gotta secure yourself though. Joe dropped a lot of Gems. Hope y’all listening.”

As fans viewed Lil Mama’s comment, many accused the “Lip Gloss” rapper of trying to steal the spotlight from the men’s insightful conversation. One individual even claimed that Lil Mama should heal from her past wounds.

“How she make that conversation about her?”

“Lil mama always gotta make it about herself in any situation.”

“She’ll never get over him making her cry on ‘The Breakfast Club.'”

“Man, that s–t was ages ago. Both her and Charlamagne grew as people since then.”

“She gotta move on let that hurt go it’s unhealthy.”

Among the previous remarks, a social media user sent well wishes to Lil Mama. They wrote, “@lilmama Everyone saw what he tried to do to you. He wanted to break you down. Trying to clown you he played himself. Plus we all know he loves to humiliate people. Be blessed. Beanie Sigal called him out of what he did to you.”

Charlamagne has yet to respond Lil Mama’s comment.

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