‘The Way He Moved Away’: Fans React After Marlon Wayans Finds Out He Has a White Cousin 

Marlon Wayans has used comedy to maneuver through various, sometimes serious, situations in the past.

During a recent interview with Big Boy TV, the “White Chicks” star used that similar tactic when introduced to his fourth cousin, Sean Valentine. Valentine, who is a white man, is one of the radio hosts for Valentine in the Morning.

Marlon Wayans meets his white cousin, radio personality Sean Valentine, during an interview on Big Boy Tv. Photo:@bigboytv/YouTube

On April 29, when discussing his family legacy on the show, Big Boy surprised Wayans by having Valentine as a guest. Big Boy said at mark 15:31 of the interview, as Valentine walked into the studio, “Marlon, this is your cousin, bro. Valentine, this is your cousin, man.”

Valentine added, “We’re fourth cousins.” As Wayans tried to assess the situation, he said, “Are you crazy? No way.” When Big Boy repeated that Valentine is his cousin, Wayans shouted in a humorous tone, “Get off of me. You white. Get your white a– off me.”

As the clip continued, Wayans explainsed why the situation was ironic while asking Valentine if he’s of Irish descent. “Here’s why it’s crazy. Are you Irish?” The radio personality said, “Yeah.” Wayans responded, “I have Irish, I am 27 percent Irish. I didn’t know this. I was making fun of white people. I feel bad because now I realize I was making fun of us.”

As the men were catching up, Wayans referenced how Valentine’s great grandfather sexually assaulted his great grandmother. The 49-year-old jokingly said, “So your great-grandpa raped my great-grandma.”

He added while looking at Valentine, “How you feel about that? How you feel about that, cousin? Cousin on the rape side.” Big Boy then jumped in and said the introduction between the two men “didn’t work out well.”

Valentine expressed how he just wanted to say hello to the comedian. “I just wanted to say hello.” Wayans shot back, “That’s what your great-great-grandpa said to my great-great-grandma, ‘hello,’ before he raped her.’ “

Toward the end of the conversation, Valentine informed Wayans that he had gotten in contact with the star before through direct messaging. He said, “I hit you up in the DMs… I said you’re the same guys I used to see at The Laugh Factory.”

Valentine continued, “You’re like ‘Yeah, that was me,’ then after that, you went cold on me.” Wayans sarcastically said that he stopped answering because Valentine was white.

The video wrapped up with the men exchanging contact information and Valentine disclosing that he found out he was related to Wayans through a 23andMe ancestry test. The comedian also admitted during the interview that he’d used that test.

Wayans’ reaction to having a white cousin went viral after Big Boy shared a promotional clip on his official Instagram page on May 4. As fans viewed the recording, many couldn’t stop bringing up the star’s gesture and remarks to the news. 

“Lmfaoooo the way he moved away.”

“He said get off meeeeee.”

“Marlon said unhand me white man.”

“How you feel about that cousin got me crying.” 

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