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‘He’s Like, “Are We Ever Gonna Get Married?”’: Angela Simmons Tearfully Opens Up About Her 5-Year-Old Son Urging Her to Date After Fatal Shooting of Ex-Fiancé

Last April, Angela Simmons honored her late ex-fiancé and son’s father, Sutton Tennyson, after it was announced that Michael Williams has been ordered to serve a life sentence for Tennyson 2018 murder. During a recent appearance on the “Tamron Hall” show, the mommy and entrepreneur opened up about the tragedy, and the tear-jerking wish her 5-year-old son, Sutton Joseph, has for her to one day get married.  

Simmons shared that her son always asked about his father following his shooting. As previously reported, Tennyson was shot and killed outside his Atlanta home on Nov. 3, 2018, following an argument with Williams. 

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star said, “there’s that constant conversation that I have to deal with. … No one has a child with someone and thinks I’m going do this by myself by choice. You want to raise a kid together.”

Since Tennyson’s passing, Simmons has been linked to other romantic partners, none of which have lasted. 

She continued, “He’s like, ‘Mommy,’ you know…He’s like, ‘Are we gonna ever get married? Like, is someone gonna marry us?’ You know, he’ll ask stuff like that. He’s like, ‘Mom.’ … And this was a touching conversation because he told me, ‘I know my dad is in heaven. And I’m going to always have two dads because I know my dad will be my dad. But Mommy, when can we have someone, you know? Like, when will somebody be there for us?’”

The reality star revealed, “It was a conversation he had with me this year. And I was just like, ‘Geez, he’s only five, and this is how his brain is processing it.’” Simmons told Hall how she answers his questions: “You know, I tell him, ‘When it’s time when God  gives us the person we’re here, we’re ready.’ But you know, I just say, ‘We’re going to just pray, and we got each other right now.’ And I tell him, ‘We got this, you know?’”

She continued, “Because he’ll be like, ‘Well, how come my dad’s not here to help me or bring me things?’ I’m like, ‘We’re good.’ Like, I tell him that, you know, we’re a team. And he understands it, and he processes it, but he does ask.”

Support from fans online blew in almost immediately. Many encouraged the start to keep pushing and that one day the right partner would appear, including one Instagram user who wrote, “I almost cried, you can hear her pain in her voice! It’s somebody out there for everybody.”

Another person added, “She tried so hard to hold back the tears.. Stay strong sis, you are doing amazing.”

Simmons spoke up about first hearing the news, revealing that she “couldn’t really accept that or understand it, and all of a sudden I was numb,” Simmons said of first finding out about her ex-fiancé’s death. “I never understood what it was to physically feel numb, but that day, I was like, ‘I literally don’t feel my body, and the first thing I’m thinking is like, ‘Now what?’”

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