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‘For Paper That He Never Got to See’: Former ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ Star Tim Norman Found Guilty In Murder-for-Hire Plot That Claimed His Nephew’s Life

Former “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” star Tim Norman has been convicted after being arrested in 2020 under suspicions of orchestrating a 2017 murder-for-hire plot that left his nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. dead. Norman had been the sole beneficiary of the then-21-year-old’s insurance policy worth $450,000.

According to KSDK, after more than 17 hours, a federal grand jury found the disgraced former reality star guilty on charges including conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, murder-for-hire resulting in death, and mail fraud.

Norman was accused of hiring Travell Hill to kill Montgomery outside of a St. Louis, Missouri, apartment complex in 2016. Hill was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and another count of murder-for-hire, to which the 30-year-old pleaded guilty earlier last month in federal court.

Norman’s ex-girlfriend Terica Ellis and his insurance agent, Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, pleaded guilty to their involvement last July. The pair were initially charged in August 2020 with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and several more charges. 

Many familiar with “Sweetie Pie’s” and the disturbing story watched as details about the case were slowly released to the public. Following the announcement, many critics took to their social media where they reacted to the decision, including one Twitter user who wrote, “Guilty! Like we all been knew. Rip Andre #timnorman.” 

Another person commented, “Tim Norman set up his nephew’s execution for a life insurance policy he never touched … his brother’s child, his own flesh and blood for paper that he never got to see.”

“Damn man I can’t believe this man had his own nephew killed then had the nerve to take Miss Robbie to the crime scene and pretended to cry with her,” wrote a third critic. “That’s so evil. I’m praying for Miss Robbie and the entire family EXCEPT Tim’s dumbass he can rot  #TimNorman #SweetiePies.”

Defense attorneys are planning to appeal the verdict and say their client is staying strong and positive. Norman is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 15.

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