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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Tim Norman Sentenced to Life In Prison for Arranging His Nephew’s Death Days After Professing His Innocence

Former star of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” Tim Norman was sentenced to life in federal prison on March 2.

The former reality television star was convicted in September of arranging the death of his 21-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery, back in 2016. Montgomery was murdered in St. Louis, Missouri, by Travell Hill. Hill testified at Norman’s trial that he was paid $5,000 for killing Montgomery, who also starred on the OWN reality show about the family soul food restaurant.

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Tim Norman was sentenced to life in prison for the murder-for-hire plot that killed his nephew, Andre Montgomery. (Photo @ the_timnorman Instagram)

Norman reportedly paid $10,000 to an exotic dancer named Terica Ellis to find Montgomery, who had left town. Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, Norman’s insurance agent, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and wire fraud.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Norman testified that he’d only asked for help in finding Montgomery after his mother’s house was burglarized in 2015. Norman said he only wanted to ask his nephew about the burglary. He also claimed in an Instagram post on Feb. 23 that he was innocent.

“Thank you for all the prayers. I’m still in disbelief. The feds know 100% I did not do those
insurance policies,” he wrote. “But the jury didn’t get to hear that. And not one person got on the stand and said that I told them to hurt my nephew. They destroyed my name and image so you guys wouldn’t search for the truth.”

The jury only deliberated for 17 hours before finding the former reality star guilty of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, murder-for-hire resulting in death, and mail fraud, KDSK reported. Norman was sentenced to two life sentences for the murder-for-hire counts. He was also sentenced to an additional 20 years for mail fraud. 

Hill received a 32-year sentence, while Yaghnam was given a three-year sentence. Ellis was sentenced to three years in prison.

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