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‘So Cree Just Grows Overnight’: Tia Mowry’s Fashion Upload with Her Children Goes Left When Fans Zoom In on Cree’s Height   

Tia Mowry‘s children became a topic of conversation after the pair stole the show for various reasons in the actress’ fashion video.

Tia shares an 11-year-old son Cree Hardrict and a 4-year-old daughter Cairo Hardrict with her husband, Cory Hardrict.

In an Instagram post shared on Sept. 9, Tia and her children flaunted their outfits as they posed for the camera in a section of what appeared to be their home. In the clip, the “Family Reunion” star was seen wearing a zebra striped top with black waisted pants.

As for Tia’s son Cree, he wore an all-black ensemble which included a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and sneakers. At the same time, Cairo sported a white dress, a black and white plaided jacket, and dress shoes.

Throughout the recording, Tia and her children were also dancing to a remix version of Chris Brown’s “Under the Influence.”

All appears to be going well in the video until Cairo accidentally kicks off her shoe while dancing, and it hits a shocked Tia. The music briefly stops and the “Sister, Sister” star begins to laugh.

The upload then transitions to a video with Tia and Cairo finishing the dance and the 44-year-old wrapping up the video with a pose as she walks off the camera frame.

In addition to the post, Tia wrote the caption, “Y’all mind if we drop some heat today?? This is how we turn up. How about you?” As fans viewed the clip, many brought up Cairo’s shoe-kicking moment.

“I’ve had this on repeat for like seven times that shoe flip is just hilarious she is definitely your daughter… Lol.”

“How bout I knew Cairo was taking a shoe off before the end of this clip? If I remember correctly she’s a Taurus…we recognize ourselves.”

“The shoe at the end but y’all look beautiful.”

“(laughing emoji) Cairo kicking off her shoe.”

“That ending was an only Cairo moment love you guys a lot.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up how much Cree has grown. One said, “Oh my gosh! Your son has gotten so tall!” Another wrote, “So Cree grows overnight, got it.” A third person stated, “Cree is getting so tall.”

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