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‘I’m Glad Someone Likes that S—t’: Safaree Samuels Claims His Son Legend Only Dances to His Music, Shares This Video and Fans React 

Safaree Samuels‘ fans called bluff to the reality star’s latest theory: that of declaring his son Legend Samuels only dances to his music.

In an Instagram post shared on Sept. 11, Safaree, who appeared to be in the doctor’s office with his 1-year-old son, was seen recording Legend as he did a back-and-forth motion on top of an exam table while listening to an undisclosed track.

In addition to the video, Safaree expressed in the caption that Legend only performs this way whenever the toddler hears his music. The 41-year-old wrote, “He only does this to my song, I swear.”

As the video circulated online, many claimed there were numerous reasons why Legend was seen dancing to his father’s music. A handful of people said that Safaree might be keeping a short catalog of music around the house. At the same time, others brought up that Legend is too young to differentiate between good and bad quality in music. 

“I’m pretty sure you play YOUR music around the house 11,000 times. Jit got no choice.” 

“Because you not playing no other music. That’s all he know.”

“He’s a baby he don’t understand or know any better.”

“You can’t blame the baby, he’s only one. Everything sounds the same to him.”

“He doesn’t know good music yet. He’s only dancing because he knows the voice he wants to be supportive.”

Among the previous remarks, several fans mentioned that given Legend’s reaction to Safaree’s music that the toddler appeared to be one of the rapper’s biggest fans. One wrote,”I’m glad somebody like that s–t.” Another person said, “@safaree finally got a fan of his music.”

While pointing out how adorable it is that Legend enjoys Safaree’s song, a third Instagram user posted, “Awwwww his one and only fan, how cute!”

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