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‘You Look Fantastic’: Loni Love Shows Off Her 37-Pound Weight Loss 

Loni Love shocked fans recently after revealing her dramatic weight loss transformation.

In the Facebook post shared on Sept. 8, the comedian, who lost 37 pounds, uploaded before and after pictures of previous projects she was a part of to showcase how much her physical features changed within a span of four months.

Without disclosing any details about how she lost the weight, Love wrote in the caption, “To date I’m down 37 lbs ( still a long way to go) .. the top pic filmed April 2022… the bottom pic was filmed Aug 2022.. @mentoringqueens will air. This weekend. Check your local listing… take your time, make little changes. You can hit your goals…”

As fans viewed the post, many congratulated the 51-year-old on her weight loss. In addition to the well-wishes, one individual expressed that Love’s upload motivates them on their journey. 

“You look fantastic. Thank you for being an inspiration.”

“You are so beautiful no matter what you weigh! Congratulations on your change though. I know that it can be very hard to lose weight but you are rocking it! Thank you for being someone who can motivate others, including me.”

“Way to go! You’ve always looked amazing, but, I hope that now you Feel amazing!”

“Go in then Loni! We Love you regardless, but we love you more when you love all of yourself! Keep loving on yourself, we loving right with you! Keep up the good work!”

“Great job 37 pounds is a big deal keep up the amazing work we are proud.”

Among the previous remarks, a couple of social media users brought up how they could see the weight loss difference in Love’s face. One wrote, “I can really tell especially in your face. Keep up the amazing work. You can do this.”

Another said, “Yasssss, I could see it in your face lady..keep up the great journey to success..”

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