‘I Can Cross My Legs Now … I Haven’t Crossed My Legs Since 1992’: Loni Love Opens Up About Her Weight Loss of 40 Pounds

Loni Love‘s fans are raving over the 51-year-old’s weight loss after she opened up about her health journey while appearing on “The Sherri Show.”

During the Oct. 11 episode, although Love didn’t disclose what she has been doing to lose weight, she did, however, talk about the perks of being 40 pounds lighter, such as crossing her legs. 

Love said to the host and her good friend Sherri Shepherd, “Look at this, I can cross my legs now. … I haven’t crossed my legs since 1992, Sherri, so this right here is an effort.”

Further into the discussion, when Love was asked how many pounds she’s lost, the “Soul Plane” star said she’s dropped 40 pounds. In addition to her weight loss admission, Love revealed that she is very vocal about health because she wants to inspire people to take care of themselves, especially women in the Black community. 

As the audience members began clapping, she said, “To date it’s 40 pounds. I still a ways to go, don’t get too happy. It’s still a ways to go and — you know what? — I want to be a role model. … Because as Black women we watch to the diabetes, we got to watch our cholesterol, we got to watch our heart. So, it’s very, very important that we look at our numbers.” 

Love added, “Body positivity is not about weight, it’s about being able to live no matter what size you are, but you care about your weight. You care about your health. And that’s what we’re doing.”

As fans watched the interview, many expressed how good Love looks.

“Loni is glowing!! She looks amazing!!”

“Go Loni Love!!!!… And 40 lbs is MAJOR!!!!… Celebrate everything!!!!!”

“Well done with the weight loss.”

“Loni looks like a million bucks.”

Among the previous comments, others mentioned Love’s leg-crossing remarks and gestures. One wrote, “(laughing emoji) Loni and her crossing her legs.” Another said, “Go Loni Love with your beautiful self 40 lbs is a big deal. Never let someone tell you it isn’t because it is. I love it I can cross my legs now. Heyyyyyyy much love to these beautiful women.”

This isn’t the first time Love discussed her weight loss. Last month, the former co-host of “The Real” left many stunned after revealing she had lost 37 pounds by sharing before and after photos. 

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