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‘Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time’: Gabrielle Union’s Tweet Teases Fans with Hope of a ‘Bring It On’ Reboot

“Bring It On” recently reached 22 years since its premiere, leading fans to share their enthusiasm about a reboot. East Compton Clover cheer captain Gabrielle Union added her opinion by teasingly tweeting her interest in a reboot as well. 

The 49-year-old actress quote tweeted @mefeater’s Bring It On appreciation tweet and wrote, “Hmmm so Isis might have a teenager? [thinking emojis] [shocked emoji] [shrug emoji] #BringItOn”

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Gabrielle Union @gabunion/Instagram

Fans of the iconic 2000s movie didn’t want to get their hopes up, but couldn’t contain their excitement after Union’s tweet. 

“A continuation? Gabrielle, don’t play with me!”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time now!”

Storyline ideas of the possible reboot quickly started to form, and fans began putting a cast list together for who would be featured as Gabrielle Union’s daughter. 

“That attends an HBCU and her majorette coach is Camille!”

“Pleaseee let it be @RyanDestiny”

“I want the east compton clovers to be Chloe, Ryan Destiny, Justine Skye, maybe Zendaya, and Marsai Martin

“Let her be Ryan Destiny and I’m here for it!”

It looked as if Ryan Destiny heard her name as a candidate, because she made her way into Union’s comment section and expressed interest in being a part of this adaptation. 

“Yup. Where are the uniforms?” She tweeted. 

“Have Mercy” vocalist Chlöe Bailey also replied to Miss Union’s idea. “I wanna be apart!” she wrote.

“Bring It On” was an iconic film series that recognized cheerleading as a sport. The first film earned $90.5 million dollars while only having a budget of $11 million. While the original protagonists were the San Diego Toros’, the East Compton Clovers easily became a fan favorite cheer team and had fans desiring to learn more about them

Fans believe Isis and the rest of the Clovers deserved their own reboot, especially after Union revealed in a post back in January that she along with Shamari DeVoe, Natina Reed, and Brandi Williams shot additional scenes that never made it into the movie to trick audience members into thinking they were “more involved in the movie.”

While nothing is set in stone right now, many people are hoping the reboot idea can soon turn into a reboot reality. 

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