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Lil Wayne Sued By Former Assistant For Allegedly Punching Him On A Private Jet, Then Firing Him

Lil Wayne is being sued by an ex-assistant who claims the rapper punched him in the face while they were aboard a private jet. The assistant, Andrew Williams, claims an argument began between the rapper and the pilot on the plane, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

In the lawsuit against Wayne, Young Money Entertainment, and aviation company Signature Flight Support, Williams explained that he attempted to de-escalate the argument before the two became physical. In exchange, Williams said the New Orleans artist punched him in the jaw with “the combination of a closed fist and the numerous rings and large jewelry on the hands.” 

The suit states, “On June 10, 2022, at or around 10:00 am, Lil Wayne accompanied by his staff including Mr. Andrew Williiams boarded a privately hired aircraft at Signature Flight Supports terminal,” in Los Angeles.”

After leaving the aircraft, the assistant sought medical treatment at a Los Angeles urgent care. He says he’s suffered humiliation and mental anguish from the incident. The complainant also maintains suffering emotional and physical damages, and “incurred general damages including incurring medical expenses, in amounts to be proven at trial.” 

Williams described Wayne’s behavior as “outrageous conduct” and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and extra punitive damages. He said afterward he was fired and has yet to hear from his former boss or Young Money other than a demand letter for a backpack and Bluetooth speaker the company owned.

“Lil Wayne was willful and malicious and was intended to oppress and cause injury to” the ex-assistant,” according to the suit. It also accuses Wayne of violating California law by wrongfully terminating Williams “based on his race and color in violation.”

The defendants are also accused of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.

Wayne or Young Money has yet to respond to the lawsuit. But this isn’t the first alleged altercation on what is supposedly his private jet. During a June 2020 episode of his “Young Money Radio” show, the 39-year-old claimed he had a racist encounter with another pilot “a couple days ago.” He claims the white pilot called the cops on him after Wayne simply tried to approach him.

“I go up there to talk to him, he tells me get out of the aisle and go back to your seat. He must have thought he was flying United Airlines or something, he must have forgot that that was my plane,” said the “Funeral” rapper. “He must have forgot. I think what happened is he did forget, he forgot what was going on. You know what happened, though? He had police waiting for me when we landed, waiting for my ass.”

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