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‘He Didn’t Have to Embarrass Her’: Busta Rhymes Stops Performance, Checks a Fan Who Tried to ‘Grab Him Up’

Rapper Busta Rhymes shut his concert in Cincinnati all the way down after a fan decided to “grab him up.”

The American rapper was in the middle of performing his 2006 hit “Touch It” when a woman in the crowd reached out her hand and did just that. The woman is seen going toward Busta Rhymes’ leg area, however, the swift-speaking freestyler was just as swift at swiping her hand away. 

The problem did not end there. Once the 50-year-old performer struck the woman’s hand, his ring flew off his finger and onto the stage. 

“Stop the music.” Busta Rhymes demanded as he told his touchy fan to “back up.” 

Calling out the male who attended his concert with the now-surprised woman, Busta asked him, “That’s your girl? What kind of s–t you on letting her come to me and grab me up? I’m a grown man, I’ll f— your girl bro.” 

The New York native from the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn clarified that he does not want to be intimate with the woman, advised her date to “tame your girl,” then continued to say, “This is a weird date.” 

As the video came to an end, Busta told the female concertgoer to, “stand behind” her date; she eventually did as he asked. 

@Gabe.owen04 captured the entire interaction on video and posted it onto TikTok where it received over 1,300 views. Many viewers, however, didn’t agree with the way Busta handled the situation. 

“We need to go back to virtual concerts these celebrities are overrated”

“He went overboard, he could’ve slapped her hand and kept it moving. He didn’t have to embarrass her.”

While there were a few who saw things differently from the way the artist chose to deal with them, other fans believed he did the right thing. 

“Well, next time keep your hands to yourself everybody don’t wanna be touched.”

“Boundaries! Keep your hands to yourself”

“Whether she was trying to grope him or not, stop touching people. Keep your hands to yourself.”

Busta Rhymes has yet to make a statement regarding the video posted online. 

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