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‘This Is Going to be Epic’: Busta Rhymes Announces Joint Tour with Dave Chappelle

Veteran comedian Dave Chappelle and legendary rapper Busta Rhymes are co-headlining a tour

Over the weekend, Busta revealed in an Instagram video post that he and the “Closer” performer would be embarking on a tour that will combine hip-hop and humor for an entertainment experience that even Dave and Buster’s couldn’t have conjured up. 

Busta Rhymes (L) and Dave Chappelle (R). Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images, Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

After initially teasing a “big bloodclaat announcement” early Saturday morning on April 30, the Brooklyn native finally delivered the big news with a celebrity-packed clip that featured footage from a recent comedy show Chappelle did with Chris Rock where he also announced the forthcoming show. 

“There is nobody better than Busta Rhymes,” Rock said in the clip before Chappelle interrupted, “Oh, I gotta tell you. Me and Busta are gonna start doing a tour together. It’s not even a show — it’s more like a party. It’s called Dave & Busta’s.” Busta was spotted watching on from the crowd as laughter filled the room.

The duo has already tested out their new act after Chappelle brought out the “Touch It” emcee as a special guest during his show at the Hollywood Bowl during the Netflix Is A Joke Festival.

Aforementioned, it was a celebrity-filled event. In the video Busta shared online, several veteran music and comedy figures were seen visibly delighted by the Dave and Busta experience, including Swizz Beatz, Usher, Ludacris, Deon Cole and Affion Crockett, who were all spotted from the side of the stage bouncing their heads as the Brooklyn rapper and hype man Spliff Star performed classic hits such as “Break Ya Neck.”

However, Busta did instruct those interested to “Stay tuned for dates comin’ soon!!” before adding, “The Blessing ain’t stoppin’!!!”

Still, fans appear eager to see what Dave and Busta have in store, as many flocked to the comments section to voice their thoughts on the news. “Buster Rhymes you are one of the greatest to ever touch the [mic],” wrote one Twitter user. “This is going to be epic!!! Congratulations to you and Dave!! (Please tell me you cleared this with Dave & Buster’s) Brooklyn Stand Up!!” 

“Peace Lord I can’t wait for this to happen I’m in the bldg,” another person commented.

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