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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser and Richard Throw Hands Following New Orleans Beatdown

Season 7 of “Black Ink Crew” is filled with drama and long-lasting friendships gone down the drain, including Ceaser Emanuel and Richard Ohsh-t‘s bromance.

Emanuel and Richard have been close friends since season 1 of the VH1 reality show, but it seems their relationship has come to an end. Things between the two spun out of control after Richard invited Emanuel’s former friend and arch nemesis Puma to the “Black Ink” tattoo shop while Emanuel was gone away in New Orleans.

“Ceas” felt Richard completely betrayed him and confronted him about the incident. The moment “Ohsh-t” walked into “Black Ink”, all chaos broke loose. Emanuel pushed Richard and the two began physically exchanging blows. Security quickly intervened to break up the fight between the two former friends while they continued to try and get at each other.

Black ink Crew Ceaser and Richard fight

(Credit: VH1)

Richard became extremely emotional during the scene and told Emanuel, “You don’t even appreciate the man who’s been down for you since day one? You don’t understand I loved you like you were my f***ing brother and I always will.”

Emanuel responded, “You dead to me… You broke my fu**ing heart.’

Wednesday night’s explosive and teary-eyed episode had “Black Ink” viewers going bananas online.

“At this point i have no sympathy for shit and as far as the other dude he did all that hoopin n hollin and still in ceaser shadow.”

“I just have a soft spot for oshit. This make me sad to see.”

“Tht look on Cease face tho.. look like he wanted to end the bs but tht damn stubborn side took right over. I feel like oh*shit was hurt from all the ppl in the shop repeatedly talking abt his family.”

“This is hard I’ve had to do this to my own family.”

Emanuel shared a post on Instagram following the volatile scene between he and Richard. The image read, “One of the most toxic things I’ve ever done is ignore the bad in someone because I love them.” He added the caption, “Instinct will tell you that YOUR ENEMIES ARE TRYING TO DESTROY BUT NOTHING CAN DESTROY YOU QUICKER THAN A PERSON YOU LOVE 💯.”

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