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‘Pushed Me to Move on’: Bobby Brown Finds ‘Closure’ and ‘Peace In My Heart’ After Hollywood Medium ‘Connects’ with Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown’s connection to loved ones remains strong even in the afterlife.  

The entertainer has without a doubt suffered some tremendous losses during his life, so it came as no surprise when he turned to Hollywood medium Tyler Henry in hopes of reconciling complex feelings tied to loved ones who have passed.

During an episode of “Hollywood Medium,” the psychic reading begins with Henry seemingly connecting with Brown’s parents, Carole and Herbert Brown. Already awe-stricken, the singer sits back as he awaits Henry’s next connection. The anticipation is short-lived as one of the most significant people in Brown’s life made her way through: Whitney Houston.

Brown’s ex-wife and legendary singer Whitney Houston passed away in February 2012. The iconic vocalist was found unconscious in a bathtub at the The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Her death was later ruled an accidental drug-related drowning. She was 48. Henry said the singer presented herself to him during the reading by making mention of a heart issue. Brown immediately knew it was his former wife. 

The “King of R&B” became visibly emotional in the resurfaced clip as Henry began explaining that Houston was bringing up remarriage. “I feel like this would be the way of her acknowledging this sense of happiness that you’ve been able to move on,” said the clairvoyant personality. Brown giggles as he brings his hands to his face while trying to fight back tears.

The singer has previously admitted that he and Brown used drugs during their relationship. However, he was able to kick his habit, and ultimately give up alcohol as well. Unfortunately, Houston was not able to achieve that same sobriety. Brown and Houston married in 1992, but after a turbulent 15 years together, the couple divorced in 2007. Together, they shared one child, daughter Bobbi Kristina. Brown remarried in 2012. He and his current wife, Melissa Etheredge, have three children. Houston never remarried, but was rumored to have been romantically involved with singer Ray J.

What came as the biggest breakthrough during the reading was the former couple’s daughter. Henry said the 22-year-old appeared to him as a child. He made mention that her mother helped the aspiring actress transition. Eerily similar to Houston, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub in her Atlanta home in January 2015. After spending six months on life support in hospice, she was allowed to transition six months later in July.

In the end, while hearing about how much his daughter loved him, the floodgates opened. “You’ve hit the nail on the head with everything I wanted, everything I needed to hear. I don’t know how to say…pushed me to move on,” said Brown. In closing remarks, he continued, “He just made me feel comfortable with going on with my life. I really feel, definitely feel that I’ve gotten some closure and some peace in my heart.”

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