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‘It Was Never That Deep’: Comedian George Wallace Claims Following Will Smith Oscars Slap He Had It Out for the Entire Smith Family, Fans React 

It’s been almost a week since Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian in response to a joke he made about the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, while presenting an award during the 2022 Oscars. 

Rock poked fun at Jada’s bald head by stating she was in for the sequel for “G.I Jane.” Despite Smith extending an apology to Rock, his family, nominees, etc., in a video shared on the 53-year-old’s social media platforms, not many people are ready to forgive Smith for his actions. One person, in particular, includes comedian George Wallace.

?It Was Never That Deep?: Comedian George Wallace Claims Following Will Smith Oscars Slap He Had It Out for the Entire Smith Family, Fans React?
George Wallace claims following Will Smith’s Oscars slap controversy he spewed hate towards the entire Smith family including Willow and Jaden Smith. Photo:@comicpierre/YouTube

Wallace, who has worked with Smith in the past, revealed during an Aug. 2 interview on Pierre Edwards’ “Pierre’s Panic Room” his initial reaction when he saw Smith slap Rock. He said, “When Will slapped Chris Rock, he slapped me. I teared up.”

Wallace claimed that prior to the slap that he thought the Oscars were beautifully arranged by executive producer Will Packer. The 70-year-old continued by saying that his entire experience was ruined after the slap.

He said, “When he slapped Chris, he slapped me. I was just like holy cow. First of all, just like everybody we thought it was a prank. … He ruined it for me I was waiting for my favorite actor to receive his award. My favorite actor at that time was Will Smith. I love Will Smith but I don’t like him today.”

Further in the discussion, Wallace stated that since the slap controversy, he had had it out for the entire Smith family, including Smith’s children. “So I’ve come to the point, it was hard for me to do but I got so mad I just said ‘f–k Will Smith.'”

While referencing Rock’s “G.I. Jane” joke, he added, “Till this day I don’t like any Smith. F–k all the Smiths. F–k them all. ‘F–k Will Smith, f–k his wife G.I. Jane Jada Smith, f–k them two weird ass kids… F–k him and f–k them all.”

Wallace continued his rant by including individuals with Smith as a last name but weren’t related to the actor. When asked if there was anything Smith could do to redeem his trust, Wallace responded that the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star’s actions were unforgivable because of the lasting effect the slap would have on Rock’s life.

He said, “I’m the first one to say that night he should sue Will Smith for $200 million because Will needs to feel this pain. Chris is always going to feel this pain. I know these are jokes, but I’m just telling the truth. … Every time something comes up it’s going to be something that reminds you of the Chris Rock situation.”

As Wallace’s comments made its rounds on social media blog sites, many expressed that the comedian’s feelings about the situation were extreme.

“Why people be SO mad about things that don’t concern them.”

“Wow that was absolutely unnecessary.”

“Wow it was never that deep.”

“What!!!! This wayyyyy out of line! But nobody not going to speak on that! That man took up for his black wife & of course the world hates that.”

“Why people be so mad over something that didn’t happen to them? Chris joking about it while y’all mad …. And his kids had nothing to do with it people weird.”

Among the previous responses, others claim that Wallace is just following the many people that publicly spoke negatively about Smith. One wrote, “One thing about followers they’re gonna follow.”

Another said, “It’s giving follower. He was your favorite now all of a sudden you’re talking crap and dragging his entire family? Too old.”

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