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‘I Was at Absolute Zero’: Tisha Campbell Gets Candid about Life After Divorce and Receiving ‘Specific’ Pics In Her DMs

Tisha Campbell sat down on Zoom and chatted with Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” this week about her new upcoming Netflix show “Uncoupled.”

The show is set to follow actor Neil Patrick Harris on his road of self-discovery after breaking up with a long-term partner. While discussing the premise of the show, Tisha acknowledged heavily relating to it as she stated, “I was with somebody for 26 years.” 

I Was at Absolute Zero': Tisha Campbell Gets Candid about Life After Divorce and Receiving 'Specific' Pics In Her DMs
Tisha Campbell. (Photo: @tishacampbellmartin/Instagram

Tisha spent almost 30 years of her life in a relationship with “All of Us” actor Duane Martin. Once the relationship ended she noted it was essential for her to find herself all over again.

“Rediscovering oneself outside of the labels is one of the most devastating things one can go through.” she told the hosts.

The “Martin” actress opened up about how unexpectedly rewarding maneuvering life after her divorce was and claimed, “I saw this all the time, but it’s a beautiful devastation.”

In her interview, Campbell explained the process a person goes through once they are divorced and compared it to the five stages of grief as they begin to move on with their life. 

After Tisha processed her grief, she finally felt an “awakening.”: “All of a sudden there’s an awakening,” The actress continued, “I never understood what faith was until I was at absolute zero. Sometimes you have to go through zero in order to rise above.” 

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin were married for 22 years prior to separating in 2016 and Tisha filing for divorce in 2018. People magazine reported at the time how an unnamed figure close to the couple described the breakup: “It’s been getting harder and harder for them for the last two years. It’s one of those things where they’ve been talking about it and fighting it out and trying to come to a conscious uncoupling.”

In 2019 it was revealed Tisha filed and was granted a restraining order against her ex-husband due to his alleged violent behavior. TMZ reported, “Duane started physically, emotionally and mentally abusing Tisha at the start of their marriage in 1996. She says he berated her about her weight and inability to land roles because of it.” 

Tisha also claimed her estranged husband “Once punched her in the chest with a closed fist.” 

During her 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tisha sat down with Kevin Frazier and discussed how divorce changed her as well as only being left with $7 to her name after the divorce was finalized. 

“No one knows that but I had nothing. In the bank? Nothing.” 

Tisha rose above her divorce, but that does not mean she is ready to mingle anytime soon. She admitted in her Hot 97 interview that she has received some, “specific pictures in my dms slipping through and sliding through,” but does not want to see any of it.

At the end of the interview Tisha says how the show shines a light on how a breakup is “more than just uncoupling with an individual, it’s with an entire group.”

“Uncoupled” is scheduled to premiere July 29 with eight episodes.

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