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‘She Apologized, But I Don’t Owe Her an Apology’: Vivica A. Fox Forgives Kenya Moore for Past Beef and Invites ‘RHOA’ Star to Her Show

Vivica A. Fox officially accepted Kenya Moore‘s apology on Feb. 10 following an episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” where she was promoting her new Lifetime film “The Wrong Valentine.” Moore and Fox’s feud began after the pair competed on “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2015. 

Fox revealed on mark 11:19 — during the talk show’s “hot seat” segment — that she was willing to move past the beef upon hearing the news the reality star apologized for hurting her. The “Soul Food” actress said when Williams asked if she would return the gesture, “I don’t owe her an apology. She stole my phone. But I am willing, at this point, to move on and let bygones be bygones.”

Vivica A. Fox (left) and Kenya Moore (right). (Photos: @msvfox/Instagram, @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

She continued while sending Moore an invitation to her “Cocktails With Queensshow, “She has a beautiful, new daughter. We as grown women, should move on. I accept her apology, but I have no reason to apologize to her. But I’d be willing for her to come on ‘Cocktails with Queens’ so we can talk about it.”

The former friends’ feud ignited after Fox accused Moore of stealing her phone and tweeting on Fox’s official Twitter page about the actress dealing with menopause at 50. At the time, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star denied the accusations of being involved in either the phone-jacking and the tweet, even after Fox adamantly said she had a witness that could back those claims. This incident led to the duo throwing public jabs at each other over the years.

Last year, Moore apologized to Fox during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” — while participating in the same “hot seat” segment — saying it broke her heart to hear she hurt the actress. 

“Vivica and I, before we did ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ we were friends, and I recently heard her say that I had hurt her and I had never heard her say that before, and as a woman, it really broke my heart, because I do have love for Vivica even though we beef. And to me, it was superficial, but I wanted to apologize to her and I still do, but she didn’t take my call. I have love for Vivica, I think she’s a good person and a talented actress, and I’m so sorry that I hurt her.”

Fox also opened up about Lifetime’s “The Wrong Valentine” — a film about a high school senior gaining attention from a student with possible ulterior motives — set to air on Feb. 11 at 8 pm.

She said on mark 2:35, “I played history professor by the name of Janet Connelly, and my co-stars are Mariah Robinson and a very handsome newcomer by the name of Evan Adams. I take Mariah underneath my wings, ’cause I want her to come out of her shell ’cause I think she’s bright. Well, baby, this hunk shows up, and he just happens to be ‘the wrong valentine.’”
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