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‘Hopefully She Can Digest Her Own Wisdom’: Mo’Nique Offers Advice on When to Accept the Truth

It’s not uncommon for Mo’Nique to offer words of wisdom to her followers, whom she often addresses as “sweet babies.” The list includes the controversial bonnet debate and the comedian’s most recent conversation about the importance of hugs.

On July 17, Mo’Nique continued extending her advice but this time on the topic of truth and negativity. The actress from “The Parkers” found it vital following her morning walk to inform her followers of the difference between the two phrases. She begins the discussion by asking her fans if they “confuse negativity with truth?” 

?Hopefully She Can Digest Her Own Wisdom?: Mo?Nique Offers Advice on When to Accept the Truth
Monique offers advice to her followers on when to accept the truth from loved ones. Photo:@therealmoworldwide/Instagram

She said, “Do you confuse negativity with truth? Because often times my babies when we are being told the truth we can look at that and say ‘Why you being so negative?’ And when someone will say to you ‘Well, what is being negative?’ And you find yourself not being able to explain it because they are simply being truthful.”

Mo’Nique continued, “So don’t confuse the truth with something that’s negative. It may appear that way because it may not feel good while you’re hearing it. It may not feel good while you’re going through it. However when you get to the other side of it to the positive of it, you understand why you had to walk through that. So don’t confuse negativity and truth, my babies.”

Further in the conversation, Mo’Nique shared her experience of mistaking the truth for negativity. The 54-year-old claimed there was a time her husband Sidney Hicks gave his honest reaction regarding particular situations. Following Hicks’ response, Mo’Nique said if his reaction “hurt” her feelings, she would call him out for being negative.

“I used to be guilty of that. If it hurt my feelings, ‘Oh, why you being so negative?’ And then my husband would say ‘Well, tell me the lie that I’m telling?’ And I would say I can’t because everything you’re saying is the truth. It just hurts my feelings.”

Mo’Nique wrapped up the video by disclosing that she’s sharing this post to encourage her followers always to speak and live in truth, although they may receive flak from others.

“Always speak your truth regardless as to what people are going to say, how they are going to feel… Don’t let somebody make you believe that telling the truth is you being negative. Know the difference.”

In addition to the video, Mo’Nique wrote the caption, “HEY MY SWEET BABIES DO NOT CONFUSE TRUTH WITH NEGATIVITY! I LOVE US 4REAL.”

As many viewed the upload, a handful of people agreed with the star’s advice. A few fans even claimed that the truth’s delivery could sometimes make the situation a negative one.

“Not one lie told.”

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you SAY IT. Plain and simple!”

“This is all facts.”

“For me, it’s the way the truth could be delivered which makes it negative or not. Truth spoken in love and consideration is never negative. “

Among the previous remarks, one social media user said they hoped Mo’Nique would follow her advice in the future. That individual wrote, “D–n .. hopefully she can digest her own wisdom.”

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