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‘I’ve Done Everything That I’m Supposed to Do as a Father’: Teddy Riley Claims He’s Been Denied Access to His Youngest Son for Three Years

R&B legend Teddy Riley is in the midst of a heartbreaking custody battle with the mother of his youngest son, Mykal Theo Riley.

The New Jack Swing hitmaker took to social on July 18 to publicly acknowledge his son’s birthday. But his post was hardly celebratory, instead in it Riley claimed the day was actually “one of the saddest” of his life. He went on to then claim his child’s mother has not allowed Riley to see the 9-year-old in three years. 

Teddy Riley
Teddy Riley and his son Mykal Theo Riley. (Photo: Teddyriley1/Instagram)

“It’s my baby son’s birthday today and I haven’t seen him in three years plus. I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to do as a father financially & mentally but because this woman have process evil way, I have to deal with the corrupted government ATL system just to see my son but that will all change,” Riley wrote. 

He went on to share that he remains hopeful that when his day in court finally arrives he will come out victorious. “Thank God I’m a AMERICAN NATIONAL citizen and my day will come to be with my son for the rest of his life and mine. I’m being patient for that day, and when it comes I shall celebrate, because he deserves to live a great life as a Prince of a King!” he wrote.

He closed out the post by asking his fans to help wish his son a happy birthday. Riley also offered other dads in similar situations a morsel of hope. “All father that is going through this reach out to [email protected]. He will solve all your problems with the child support corruption. Time for the Bullish to stop and father to be with their children!!!!!” he wrote.

The “Let’s Chill” singer has several other children, including Nia Riley. The single mother was previously a member of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” While on the show, Nia was romantically involved with rapper Soulja Boy. After eight years of dating, Nia finally introduced her father to the rapper on the show.

“I went on the show to actually talk to her because she wouldn’t answer my calls about her situation with that guy,” Riley told VH1 in 2015 while discussing his appearance on the show. When he appeared on “LHHH,” Nia and the rapper were going through their all-too-familiar turbulent times. Riley said his fans often beckoned him to go on the show and to deal with the rapper man to man. “But, my daughter’s grown. I can’t make her. I can’t do what I used to do when she was young and put her on punishment or say, ‘You can’t go outside’ or ‘I’m taking your phone,’” he said. 

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