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‘She’s Ready to Ride for Ma Dukes!’: Joie Chavis Pranks Daughter and Her Reaction Has Fans Cracking Up

There is a new Tiktok trend where parents tell their child an adult and their kid are trying to fight them and the child has to step in. The prank is used on kids to see their reaction and if they have their parents back. 

Shai Moss aced the fight prank and was ready to be on go for her mother.  Joie Chavis uploaded the video onto Instagram where audiences can hear her explain to Shai, “I need you to put your shoes on and come with me outside, the neighbor is tripping on me again and her daughter keeps coming around talking about ‘What’s going on?’” 

She's Ready to Ride for Ma Dukes!': Joie Chavis Pranks Daughter and Her Reaction Has Fans Cracking Up
Shai Moss and Joie Chavis. (Photo: @joiechavis/Instagram)

Shai woke up, rubbed her eyes, and responded, “Can’t she stay in a child’s place? She ain’t gonna do nothing.” The 11-year-old didn’t even hesitate when her mom told her to “come on” and, “put your shoes on.” She jumped out of bed, did what she was told, and put her shoes on. 

Joie laughed at the video and wrote, “Shai is literally me” as her caption. Shai’s reaction had many fans joke about her having Joie’s back. 

“Shai has her mommy’s back! So cute”

“She’s over it but she’s ready to ride for ma dukes!”

“The way she slipped on them slides so calm I know she’s about to step”

“Shai’s probably thinking ‘I don’t understand this but I’m down”

“That’s what I’m talking about, my daughter don’t play about mommy either!” 

Fans indicated that Joie and her neighbors allegedly have real beef with one another due to Joie always parking in her neighbors parking spot; fans thought that added more humor to the video with Shai.

“Y’all really have beef with the neighbors too”

“Shai definitely thinking, ‘yeah let’s put this to rest’”

“Lmfao it’s the real neighborhood drama for me”

“Shai is tired of this neighborhood car beef” 

The prank video received over 67,000 likes on Instagram and over 19,000 likes on TikTok.

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