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Julie Chen To Fire Sheryl Underwood From CBS The Talk

CBS’ The Talk host Julie Chen is on a war rampage. First fan favorites Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were fired with little notice and NO notice to the fans. Now Julie is reportedly regretting her choice for comedian Sherly Underwood. Not surprised – while Underwood is a fine comedian – she’s a   stark contrast to Leah and Holly.

Fans are so outraged by the changes that they’ve formed a Facebook page to bring back Leah and Holly and many have boycotted the show altogether. Now this report surfaces in the Enquirer,

“Julie believes they made a mistake by adding Sheryl to the panel. She thinks Sheryl’s comedy is too crude for daytime TV.” “Julie doesn’t mince words — she says Sheryl’s vulgar style isn’t a good fit.”

“Julie didn’t like Holly and Leah, and now she’s made it obvious that she’s not happy with Sheryl and Molly. At this point it looks like it may turn into the ‘Julie, Sara and Sharon show.’”

Other outlets are confirming that Julie is a mad woman behind the scenes who’s threatening her co-stars with a pink slip from her husband CBS President and CEO Les Moonves. Now the show is called (behind their backs anyway) “the Les Moonves show starring his annoying wife.”

Sadly, many former fans will agree. If you still watch The Talk – what do you think of Sheryl Underwood?

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