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Julie Chen To Fire Sheryl Underwood From CBS The Talk

CBS’ The Talk host Julie Chen is on a war rampage. First fan favorites Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were fired with little notice and NO notice to the fans. Now Julie is reportedly regretting her choice for comedian Sherly Underwood. Not surprised – while Underwood is a fine comedian – she’s a   stark contrast to Leah and Holly.

Fans are so outraged by the changes that they’ve formed a Facebook page to bring back Leah and Holly and many have boycotted the show altogether. Now this report surfaces in the Enquirer,

“Julie believes they made a mistake by adding Sheryl to the panel. She thinks Sheryl’s comedy is too crude for daytime TV.” “Julie doesn’t mince words — she says Sheryl’s vulgar style isn’t a good fit.”

“Julie didn’t like Holly and Leah, and now she’s made it obvious that she’s not happy with Sheryl and Molly. At this point it looks like it may turn into the ‘Julie, Sara and Sharon show.’”

Other outlets are confirming that Julie is a mad woman behind the scenes who’s threatening her co-stars with a pink slip from her husband CBS President and CEO Les Moonves. Now the show is called (behind their backs anyway) “the Les Moonves show starring his annoying wife.”

Sadly, many former fans will agree. If you still watch The Talk – what do you think of Sheryl Underwood?

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56 thoughts on “Julie Chen To Fire Sheryl Underwood From CBS The Talk

  1. Gracye says:


  2. Mary says:

    I never wanted to think Julie Chen was like this. I’m disappointed for sure. The loss of Holly and Leah has been noticed for sure. I think Sheryl is a bright woman, but she doesnt have half the class and grace that Holly has. And as far as being crude, Sheryl is far worse than Leah ever was. Leah said some off-color remarks and jokes but nothing like Sheryl has in her short time on the show.
    Also, what’s up with Sarah sexing it up with much more make-up recently? Is Julie making her do that too?

  3. Christine says:

    I liked Holly and Leah… Julie is a spoiled brat who thinks she pulls rank because she is married to the boss….. get over yourself Julie you’re not so great yourself on the show!!!!

  4. Mark WIlliams says:

    Julie Chen is a real wench. Somebody needs to take this woman out

  5. JulieChenSUCKS says:

    You suck Julie Chen. You are a real idiot for firing LEAH REMINI AND HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE.

    what your problem?

  6. tina says:

    I think someone should fire Julie….shes got her nose in everything!!

  7. Trudy says:

    I don’t like that Sheryl or the show. Holly & Leah made the show worth watching. It sure is not anyone there now including you Julie.

  8. Trudy says:

    I stopped watching the show when I found why Leah & Holly weren’t there this season. the show sucks big time. it will evenually be gone.

  9. Trish says:

    If Sara is Ex. Producer then why doesn’t she do something about Julie. I liked Holly and Leah get rid of the “new people”.

  10. Joanne Thomas says:

    BIG MISTKE JULIE!! Your jealousy will be your downfall. You had a great show with the five original cast members and you blew it. Karma is a bitch and you deserve whatever comes back around. As far as Sarah, you should be ashamed of yourself. With a friend like you who needs enemies? It’s disgraceful how Holly and Leah were treated. I don’t watch anymore. The show is really boring and classless.

  11. grayce says:

    Cheryl needs to go, thats what I agree with

  12. Roll Dog says:

    If Julie Chen was so smart, she would put her personal feelings aside and still keep Holly and Leah on the show. But, she made it so obvious and then she put on the face like Holly and Leah were never on the show at all.

    What a heartless person.

  13. Lara says:

    That show is boring without the Leah and Holly. I stopped watching the Talk and swithed over to Anderson Cooper’s show. Much more substance over there without the ego.

  14. donsol says:

    I actually like cheryl on the show. I miss holly and leah as well. I honestly think julie and sarah are boring and stiff. Cheryl is the only reason i watch the show now to be honest. If they fire her the need to bring back holly or leah. I also think kimora lee simmons may be getting hired.

  15. winnie says:

    yes… julie chen you are boring and cannot carry the show yourself… but i think that you jealous of other people who shine more than you so you get rid of them… no one wants to listen to your pseudo classy drivel…. i am definitely not watching your you are a heartless ??&[email protected]$;:

  16. Marissa says:

    Holly is so smart and I really appreciated her on the show. Leah has a great sense of humor and I have been a fan for a long time. Sheryl is an idiot. She says the most ridiculous things and really is a disgrace to women. I can’t even sit through ten minutes of the show without yelling at the tv, telling that moron to shut up before I walk out of the room. I was interested in the show with the original line up– thought they had an different slant. Now, I cannot be bothered. It is becoming more mindless nonsense like so much else on tv. Whenever I think there is something of substance on the show, Sheryl opens her mouth. Maybe that kind of irritation and base humor draws some people in, but I think it’s upsetting that she is supposed to represent a faction of women. I was really hoping to see something intelligent, that would empower women to be more than man-pleasers and drones who regurgitate what they have been told. Sheryl is a HUGE step in the wrong direction. Bye bye “the talk” RIP.

  17. dee says:

    I love Cheryl..she speaks the truth ..sorry some people cant handle the.truth how can you judge when Sara is gay ..dont get me wrong i love Leah and Holly. But Cheryl makes me laugh …the rest of them are so naive stop acting like we dont live in. Cruel world if Cheryl leaves the show you.jave nothing and i.Do.not.want to.hear nothing else about the Ozzie amd Sharon and their children

  18. dee says:

    I love Sheryl..she speaks the truth ..sorry some people cant handle the.truth how can you judge when Sara is gay ..dont get me wrong i love Leah and Holly. But Sheryl makes me laugh …the rest of them are so naive stop acting like we dont live in. Cruel world if Sheryl leaves the show you.jave nothing and i.Do.not.want to.hear nothing else about the Ozzie amd Sharon and their children

  19. pamela says:

    I love looking at the Talk. I am a stay at home mom and I have classes online, my mom was diagnoised with cancer between the time I have to spend with my 11 year old and my 15 year old,my 75 year old mom

  20. pamela says:

    I like Sheryl Underwood, but she is too loud for the show!! Please bring back Holly and Leah….I am going to stop watching if they don’t come back…I love you Mrd. O and Sara, but the show is boring now……..

  21. cami says:

    Sara…take your show to another NETWORK…and leave CHEN to manipulate her husband at CBS!!! Stop her bullying and manipulation…someone should tell her what she’s doing and how she’s behaving…because I don’t think her eyes open wide enough to enable her to see for herself. Chen is an annoying journalist, with zero personality, and obviously SHE is the one who wasn’t cut out for this position…that’s why she is a bully to anyone else who is!!!

    That said…I don’t think Sheryl Underwood belongs on The Talk either…but Holly & Leah were a pleasure to watch and relate to! (Leah & Sharon were my favorites!)

  22. angry one says:

    sheryl is an obnoxious child that needs to go!!!

  23. andrea jordan says:

    ms. underwood is real julie should have known this julie is fake i was a fan of julie get grip ms chen phony doesnt become u what r u lookn for in ur cohost maybe u should leave the table and stay behind the scenes life is real not a fairy tale not everyone has a fairytale life i havent missed not one episode from day one i love the talk i tune in now just for cheryl cheryl miss u on the tom joiner show love yo humor dont change so folk r just stuffy and boring so uptight probably miserable keep joken keep laughn happy holidays

  24. marie says:

    Sheryl rules & aisha suck just like holly, whats wrong julie can’t take real women,all real but that fake ass tyler woman with her straight a fakeness’stop while you r ahead julie 4 he b replacing U!!!!

  25. Kathy says:

    Julie Chen is the problem on this show, she tries to be funny but she isn’t, she is jealous of anyone who gets more attention than her. I tried watching this show and if they got rid of Chen and Sharon Osborne it might be a good show but alas like ABC (killing my soaps) it is blocked…

  26. Pamela says:

    In complete agreement with this assessment!!

  27. Lovingit says:

    I feel Underwood should go. She is too vulgar!!!

  28. Tracet says:

    As different articles come up about Sharon and Julie…those are the two who are causing the most friction as compared to the common concept of a tiered to who are the most important and or ranked within this small diminutive TV show called, THE TALK. Those such as Julie and Sharon who have an invisible portrayal as playing the role of BOSSES should be the ones to get fired. It is always those who are most important anywhere in any postion who cause the most friction and spread ‘sound waves’ of trouble to everyone else.

  29. Plagwate says:

    Sheryl Underwood is ignorant and trashy. What were they thinking when they brought that idiot on board? That gurl is GHETTO!

  30. I agree that Leah and Holly weren't a good fit, but I think Sheryl is hysterical! I don't really find her vulgar and I am not a fan of vulgar humor.

  31. I like the fit with Sheryl and the rest are a good fit. Sheryl is hillarious, what a great combination. Better than the old ones.

  32. Sheryl Underwood what a great spicy person. The show has a great cast. A little bit of everything, mix of many personalities. Sheryl who has many! Very upset if I miss the show.

  33. I don't like Sheryl. I don't think she's funny and her humor needs to be on late night for sex starved folks. Definitely not for day time. I enjoyed Leah and Holly.

  34. Steven Brooks says:

    I don't like Sheryl underwood because of the simple fact that she makes jokes every single day and the name of the show is not called "The Laughing cow" it's called "the talk" please fire sheryl underwood and bring back leah remini and holly robinson peete!

  35. Sheryl is the only reason I watch the show besides Mrs. O. I think he show is boring without Sheryl. Also, I think Julie Chen is perhaps a little jealous because she is not the center of attention. Julie you need to go straddle your husband to make sure he is not turned on by Sheryl.

  36. Emile Dion says:

    I agree with you Tamika D. Shropshire

  37. Anonymous says:

    I thought Sharon Osbourne had Leah and Holly fired?

  38. Christine Leonard says:

    I refuse to watch the show in protest of what it replaced.I was a lifetime fan of As the world Turns and CBS made a mistake giving Chen and Co this time slot.I am not a fan of talk shows and I think there are too many of them.

  39. Egyirba High says:

    I stopped watching after Leah and Holly were let go. They made the show, in my opinion. It seemed rather capricious and I never understood what was behind it. I don't like what Underwood said (in fact, I'm not overly fond of her), but I certainly don't think it's bad enough to lose her job. C'mon Julie!

  40. Demetria Baker says:

    I've only watched the show a few times when I'm home, but I have always liked Sheryl Underwood! I think she's funny. I hadn't heard about this until she read an apology on the Steve Harvey morning radio show (she's a regular on there via phone calls). She's a comedian. I think she's funny and didn't intend to offend anyone. Her apology was very genuine. After hear it, I had to Google what happened!

  41. Adwoa Gyaa Asante DuPont says:

    I glanced at the show once when I was changing channels, but, what she said was pretty offensive, and more blacks and perhaps many whites with nappy hair found it pretty offensive. I never expected her to be fired over it, but that's TV and the sponsors are thinking about ratings.

  42. Egyirba High says:

    Yes, she can be funny, I think, but I have always seen her as kind of buffoonish. I am happy that she has a great job there (although like I said i ceased to watch after Leah Remini and Holly Peete were let go) and I don't think she should lose her job. It was thoughtless and I think her apology heartfelt, too, but that was pretty offensive. More than that, though, I think it should a bit of internalized racism.

  43. Marsha Browder says:

    it would be time to end the show the talk is over if sheryl leaves she brings humor and laughter to an otherwise plan show. look at the view without whoopi what do you truly have

  44. Jack Bell says:

    If sheryl goes, then there's no reason to watch. Just a boxed program, predictable segments, CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE ! KEEP SHERYL, KEEP SOME HUMOR FOR GOODNESS SAKE! , if you don't keep her then more power to her hope she is a superstar! This isn't the fifties, i hope JC is NOT A TOTAL IDIOT!

  45. I love sheryl and mrs o. They make the show. Julie is boring. She better watch out, if it weren't for her co hosts no one would watch.

  46. I think Sheryl is annoying and rude, the should have kept Leah. Also, I think they should cut down on all that clapping every time someone says something. I only watch if they are having someone good, otherwise never watch. Hopefully changes will be made.

  47. Joy Gartland says:

    I think Sheryl is a real good balance to the show. I really liked Julie until reading this about her controlling the shows cast. Why does she get to make these calls- lighten up Julie- its TV, live a little.

  48. Leena Kelly says:

    Sheryl is great! Leah Remini was great! Holly Peete was great! Are we getting the idea now? How about when someone was on the Early Show and the funny weatherman was let go right after he married?? She needs stopped-most of us do not care who she is married to! She takes a way over the top license

  49. Lataska Gibson says:

    Sheryl IS the only reason I watch the show take her off I'm done….

  50. Lataska Gibson says:

    Do not let her go SHERYL she has a beautiful soul she a good person… Real not fake…

  51. Laura Lassiter says:

    I like Sheryl and her comments on The Talk. Jeep her on the show!

  52. Lynn Huff says:

    I don't watch the show since Holly and Leah left. It just reminds me too much of junior high. I prefer not to relive junior high (lol).

  53. Sharon Cacala says:

    I love Sheryl.

  54. I love cherly!!! You can tell Julie and Sara are so uptight. Most of the time cherly says anything Sara and Julie get the I smell poop look on THIER faces.

  55. Tony Walker says:

    She play's to the Stereo type of black women being loud.

  56. Tony Walker says:

    And by the way I am black and swim very well, including in the ocean.

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