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‘The Tears I Just Cried’: Fantasia Barrino Reveals the Surprise She Received on Her Birthday While on Set of ‘The Color Purple’ 

Fantasia Barrino is days away from completing her role of Celie in the musical adaptation of “The Color Purple” when she shared the pleasant surprise she received on set for her 38th birthday. 

In the Instagram post shared on June 30, Barrino disclosed that her close friend and gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson sang happy birthday to her while on set.

Fantasia Barrino reveals that her friend, gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson, sang her happy birthday while she was filming for the musical adaptation of “The Color Purple.” Photo:@tasiasworld/Instagram

In the clip, an emotional Barrino is cheering on Johnson as she serenaded her in front of the cast and crew. Johnson said, “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Fantasia … May the good Lord bless you, may the good Lord keep on blessing you. May the good Lord bless you. May, may the good Lord keep on blessing. Every day of your life, He will keep on blessing you.” 

In addition to the recording, Barrino revealed that the entire cast, her family and friends all came together to create a touching video that she has yet to release for her special day. 

She said in the caption, “I am still on set filming ‘The Color Purple’ Musical Movie Adaptation for 8 more work days and this by far was the BEST & most needed birthday surprise, my sis @leandriaj. My cast mates, family, friends and the entire Color Purple cast made a special birthday video for me (Coming Soon).”

Barrino added that the surprise is pushing her to “finish this journey as Celie once again.” The singer wrote, “This here gave me the push I needed to finish this journey as Celie once again. I have put in blood, sweat and tears for this role with a lot of long nights, early mornings, sacrifices and pushing myself to new limits. I can’t wait for the world to see this Fantasia.”

Barrino wrapped up the post by thanking everyone who sent her well-wishes on her birthday. As Barrino circulated online, many mentioned how emotional they got viewing the video while also wishing the star a happy birthday. 

“That’s was beautiful @leandriaj I’m over here (crying emojis) happy birthday tasia.”

“The tears I just cried. This was so beautiful. Happy Birthday.”

“JESUS!!!! I’m in tears Beautiful happy birthday and a many and a plenty of more to come BLESSINGS.”

“I done watched this soooo many times. In here crying to Happy Birthday.”

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