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‘You Married a Super Athlete. What Do They Expect?’: Gabrielle Union Posts a Couples Workout Video of Herself with Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, have a great marriage, talented kids, and an intense workout routine that would keep anyone on their toes. The power couple partnered together for some strength and abs exercises in an Instagram video shared on Union’s account Wednesday, June 29.

In the caption, the 37-year-old actress wrote, “How I stay motivated. My favorite workout partner @dwyanewade. I promise you can pick the music next workout. PS: This is us at 6:30 a.m.” Over the video, she added, “Just trying to keep up with withchu playa.”

You Married a Super Athlete. What Do They Expect?': Gabrielle Union Posts a Couples Workout Video of Herself with Dwyane Wade
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade stun fans with their intense couples workout.@gabunion/Instagram

“Why do you work out like that Gab? OMG, you work out so much,” Union continued in the video while pointing in the direction of her shirtless 6-foot-4 husband.

The two lovebirds stopped at one point for a dance break to Beyoncé‘s “Love on Top.” Afterward, Union acted as the retired athlete’s cheerleader while he did some work on an exercise ball. While the camera zoomed in on his glistening side abs, Union became inspired by late comedian Bernie Mac, saying, “Stir the m———n’ like coffee. Stir the m———n’ like coffee.”

Her turn on the ball lasted a few seconds before she got distracted by a song playing in the background, stating, “Oh that’s my jam.”

Fans in the comments were left in tears over Union and Wade working out together. Amongst the hilarious remarks, several individuals praised their relationship and pointed out Union funny facial expressions, while others showed interest in Wade. The couple’s fitness trainer Gregg Miele wrote, “What a way to start the day! Great vibes and session today team.” Here’s what others had to say.

“You married a super athlete. What do they expect? Smh #haters and #jealousy.”

“I mean he would motivate me.”

“Your facial expression when you pointed at Dwyane…priceless! Y’all both look amazing!”

“These Two Are So Cool Together. Best friends and lovers.”

“Stir it like coffee, stir it like MF’n coffee “ RIP Bernie Mac.”

One person commented on Wade’s retirement from the NBA, “Dwayne walking around like he ain’t aged a bit since retirement! Body on [100]. Keep working out Gab!”

Several individuals called the dynamic duo “couple workout goals” for beginning their day of bonding at the “crack of dawn.” One person said, “Doing this at the crack of dawn with your partner is dope AF.” Another commentator said, “Just love you guys vibe and relationship.”

But a few felt like Union had a bigger plan to disrupt her husband’s workout.

“Not you trying to mess up his workout,” wrote one individual. A second person wrote, “I recognize this tactic. It’s my ‘I don’t feel like doing $–t, so today I’ll just annoy you between reps.”

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