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‘A Place for “Divaz” and “Playaz”‘: Tupac’s Handwritten Notes Inspired His Family to Create a Pop-Up Restaurant In His Memory

Tupac Shakur‘s family opened up their own pop-up restaurant in memory of the late rapper. His family used handwritten notes that were drafted by Tupac himself as a way to help guide them as they created the concepts for the restaurant. 

The restaurant is stationed in Los Angeles and is named Powamekka Cafe. According to People magazine, the restaurant is open from June 16 – which happens to be the “Hit Em Up” rapper’s birthday –  until June 30. The pop-up restaurant serves dishes such as fried chicken, gumbo and meatloaf and is planned to be open for lunch and dinner only.

A Place for "Divaz" and "Playaz"': Tupac's Handwritten Notes Inspired His Family to Create a Pop-Up Restaurant In His Memory
Photo: @2pac

The magazine also said, “He dreamed of Powamekka Cafe being a place for ‘divaz’ and ‘playaz’, per notes later found by his family and shared on his official Instagram page when the L.A. location was announced.” 

“Powamekka” is a word that combines the two words “power” and “Mecca.” According to People, “He (Tupac) wanted his restaurants be ‘a passionate paradise 4 people with power 2 play and parlay’ serving as, ‘the perfect hideout 4 those who wish 2 escape the world’s cold reality.” 

The late rapper’s Instagram page, that is run by Shakur Estate, posted the cafe’s flyer with Tupac’s written notes on the flyer. His estate team mentioned in the caption that they are partnered with Fixins Soul Kitchen, a soul food restaurant that, according to its website, “celebrates the history and traditions of African American culture in an inclusive environment.” 

Though the rapper may not physically be here due to his untimely death in 1996, his legacy lives on. Many fans showed support of the restaurant idea in the comments section of the post. 

“Just booked my reservation for tomorrow! What better way than to celebrate Pac!” one person said. “Yesss so proud!” another comment wrote. Someone else wrote, “Need to come to Cali just for this!”

Powamekka’s Cafe was a dream of Tupac, and now for two weeks that dream is finally a reality.

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