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‘…And Finer Each Decade!’: 51-Year-Old Nia Long Stuns While White Robe And Natural Makeup

Nia Long is going viral once again for her flawless face card. In a stunning Instagram post, shared by celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore, the iconic actress can be seen posing in a white robe rocking a naturally beat face, lip gloss and beautiful thick eyebrows. Her hair was pushed back to focus on her face.

“N I A L O N G @Iamnialong,” Moore wrote in the caption. “Set life with a whole snack!!.” He then tagged the rest of her glam squad, including Black celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen, and used the hashtags #MakeupByKilprity and #UrsieOnHair.

...And Finer Each Decade!': 51-Year-Old Nia Long Stuns While White Robe And Natural Makeup

The internet went crazy flooding Moore’s comments with praise about his work and Nia’s stunning beauty.

“Stunning,” wrote dozens, while one person commented, “Its the brow for me.” A third person said, “Love her and you killed per usual.”

Nia reshared Moore’s post on her Instagram story on Wednesday, June 22. It opened the floodgates to fans who were gushing over her flawless beauty. The photo also got noticed on Twitter, where one user tweeted a famous lyric about her from J. Cole‘s “No Role Modelz” song. In the second verse, he raps, “My only regret…was too young for Nia Long.”

Another person wrote, “This is a Nia Long appreciation tweet.”

Another fan shared a photo of Nia Long in the 1990s next to a photo from her 2014 appearance at the movie premiere of “The Single Moms Club.” That person tweeted, “Unambiguous black girl and finer each decade! Don’t play with Ms. Nia Long.”

Long won over fans with another stunning selfie earlier this year. In May, the “Best Man” star went for a natural look as she gently smiled into the camera. In the past, she’s admitted she does not use “anti-aging” products and practices in her beauty routine, which focuses on serums, vitamins, and biotin in addition to wearing less makeup.

“I don’t do the anti-aging things or use products because I think I look old or am trying to avoid aging. I use products to stay healthy and to keep my healthy, vibrant skin. That’s the difference,” said the 51-year-old while speaking with PEOPLE in April.

“The skin gods have definitely blessed me,” said Long. “I’m always grateful and thankful for my good, clean, healthy skin. But I don’t take it for granted. And in order to maintain healthy skin, you have to do the work.”

The “Soul Food” actress believes “real beauty comes from within. And I know for myself I am a work in progress.

“I mean, we can use all the creams, all the lotions, all the makeup in the world, but if you’re not feeling good on the inside, the beauty just isn’t radiant. It becomes sort of this superficial mask,” she explained.

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