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‘Real Beauty Comes From Within’: Nia Long Speaks on Not Chasing Perfection or Folding to the Pressure of Maintaining Her Age-Defying Good Looks 

Actress Nia Long has had access to the fountain of youth for years, making her one of the most swooned-over timeless beauties on the big and small screen. 

Fans who have followed Long’s career from her roles in “Boyz N Da Hood,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” to “Big Momma’s House” and beyond can see that the actress has held on to her youthful looks, denying Father Time the luxury of matching her exterior with her actual age. 

Actress Nia Long Photo: @iamnialong/Instagram

And while Long, 51, is considered beauty goals by groves of others, she is less concerned with freezing time, but instead focused on simply looking her best. 

“I so appreciate the compliment,” said Long of the notion that her looks defy her age. While the fond words are flattering, Long admits that she has been keen on not falling into the trappings of seeking perfection or a youthful, frozen appearance.  

“There’s so much pressure in this industry to stay beautiful and to stay young. And I’m really not interested in leaning into this idea of perfection,” added the “Fatal Affair” actress. 

Despite Hollywood’s beauty double standards that age women out of jobs —whereas men are deemed handsome and oftentimes more distinguished with age — Long has chosen to embrace the inevitable changes that come with aging. 

“I am a proud 51, and eventually I’m going to age in a way where it’s obvious and I want it to happen beautifully and gracefully,” she added, while speaking to PEOPLE. “I don’t really want the pressure of feeling like I have to be beautiful and perfect because I think beauty comes at any age…But I honestly think the real beauty comes from within.”

The latter stands especially true. Long revealed she is not the only person in her family whose beauty is getting better with age. In celebration of her mother last year, Long shared a photo of the matriarch along with the caption, “My Mommy is a hottie!”

Scores of fans agreed. “I can definitely see whom you have inherited your beauty from,” commented a fan. Other comments read, “Nia is her momma’s twin. Two classy, beautiful ladies,” and “Exactly! Apple and the Tree.”

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