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‘Bros Gonna Be on LeSofa’: LeBron James Fans Say He Picked the Wrong TikTok Trend After He Calls Out Wife Savannah James 

LeBron James is shining the light on his wife Savannah James again, but this time it’s all in fun. 

In his latest social media share, the NBA star proved he is proud to have a woman who can flex for the ’Gram, and rock a bonnet when lounging at home. 

LeBron James and Savannah James. (Photo: @mrssavannahj/Instagram)

James, taking advantage of the social media trend “I love a girl who can slay and be homeless the next,” posted a reel showcasing Savannah in one of finest moments. The mother of three is seen rocking a corset top and pleated plants with honey blond tresses, all the makings of a flex that has fans gasping at her beauty. But the next few seconds of the reel then show Savannah lying in bed, a bonnet on her head and dressed in pajamas and smirking at her husband as he captured her on video. 

James, clearly poking fun at his wife, captioned the short video, “BALANCE BABE!!” and garnered a flood of comments.

“Bros gonna be on the LeSofa tonight,” jokingly wrote one person. 

“Bye Bron she still look good! Stop playing.”

Even Savannah hopped into the comments writing, “You mad aggy yo!!! That skincare glistening tho.” To which her husband responded, “[fire emojis] ass skincare routine!!”

Social media users who are equally as smitten by Savannah made certain to comment on her beauty as well.  

“@mrs_savannahj girl your homeless look is giving luxury vibes,” wrote one person. 

“Whew! That’s Zuri’s mom. Same beautiful face,” commented another person noting how much the couple’s only daughter looks like her mother. 

Another hoping to snag his own beauty wrote, “Where are Savannah’s cousins, sister, friends, the streets want know?”

The NBA star recently made headlines when the newly minted billionaire poured his heart out  to his ‘Queen” in an Instagram post, stating that “I’m simply letting the world know I ain’t s—t without you!”

While the post was met with adoration from his fans, it also fanned rumors and headlines. To some, the post came at a most convenient time to debunk speculation that James had a relationship with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Drew Sidora in the past. 

The actress-singer coyly shared that she dated a “king” of the league several years prior; leaving her cast mates and fans to speculate that the mystery baller is the Los Angeles Lakers star. 

The high school sweethearts wed in 2013, ten years after the first round pick was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two have three children, Bronny, 17, Bryce, 14, and Zhuri, 7.

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