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‘Why Bro Did U Pivot the Wrong Way’: Ryan Clark Ignites Heated Debate After Declaring Chris Brown as More Talented Than Michael Jackson

Former professional athlete and podcast host Ryan Clark is taking a bashing online after sparking a controversial debate on talent. 

Clark, as some social media users say, chose violence when he boldly pitted Chris Brown against the icon and world’s most beloved pop star, Michael Jackson.

?Why Bro Did U Pivot the Wrong Way?: Ryan Clark Ignites Heated Debate After Declaring Chris Brown as More Talented Than Michael Jackson
Chris Brown (L) and Michael Jackson (R). (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images, Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images)

Clark’s June 6 declaration that set social media ablaze read, “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson…there I said it! Have a great week.”

He followed up the tweet by continuing to agitate the mob of MJ supporters. “I don’t care!! You out CB and MJ in the talent Olympics Chris Brown wins,” he tweeted.

“He’s old enough to know better,” wrote one person in full belief that at age 42 Clark has lived to witness the height of Jackson’s ascension into otherworldly star power and should have chosen a different stance. 

“Longevity alone puts Michael Jackson ahead. He was on stage performing every decade of his life,” wrote another fan of MJ, who died at age 50 in 2009. 

“Michael Jackson created performers like Chris Brown put some respect on MJ name.”

Another wrote, “Noooo Ryan why bro u did pivot the wrong way.” 

But in every debate there is an opposing view, and this controversial topic is no different. Countless people proclaimed that “The Pivot” podcast host was not reaching with his comparison. 

“I mean it’s not cap, Breezy can draw, sing (maybe not better than Mike), hoop, act, rap..and at a pretty high level tbh.”

“I ain’t never seen MJ do a back flip on beat to March madness,” wrote another suggesting Brown’s knack for acrobatics while performing actually gives him a leg up over MJ. 

Singer-songwriter Tank, who has worked with Brown, even chimed in showing support. “I’ve been the only one saying this and I’ve felt alone for so long. Welcome to the fold! Singer, Dancer, writer, producer, actor, painter, clothing designer, gymnast, ninja, etc!! MJ is the greatest but CB has more gifts is all we’re saying…”

Twenty-four hours into the debate Clark returned to social media to double down on his stance, but also to add clarity on why he believe the “Run It” singer reigns supreme over his own idol. 

“Guys!! Michael Jackson is an Icon. He’s the [goat emoji]…With that being said I believe skill for skill Chris Brown is more talented.”

Still, Clark was met with mixed responses, many of which beckoned for him to simply let the chatter down. 

“Give it up bro. Like for real man lol.”

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