‘Uh Ohhh’: T-Pain Hits Back After Yung Joc Reveals Alleged Inspiration Behind Hit Song ‘Buy You a Drank’

T-Pain called cap on Yung Joc‘s explanation of the event that led to their 2007 hit song “Buy You a Drank.” 

Yung Joc claimed during an interview with DJ Vlad on June 4 that an awkward encounter with rapper Lil Flip was part of the inspiration behind the single.

Uh Ohhh': T-Pain Hits Back After Yung Joc Reveals Alleged Inspiration Behind Hit Song ?Buy You a Drank?
Yung Joc claims T-Pain’s song “Buy You a Drank” was inspired by the singer’s encounter with Lil Flip. (Photo: DJ Vlad/YouTube)

The purported incident occurred while the pair and several artists performed at a car show in Dallas, Texas. The rapper said, “We in Dallas, we at this f–king hotel named the Antebellum or some s–t like that anyway, so we about to go do this big a– car show.”

During the event, T-Pain expressed he wanted to meet Lil Flip. He said, “This n—a T-Pain was like ‘Oh God, I want to meet Lil Flip. I want to meet Lil Flip. I’m his biggest fan.’ I’m like ‘Really? I f–k with Flip.”

The 41-year-old continued by saying that things took a turn after he tried introducing Lil Flip to T-Pain when the “Game Over” emcee arrived at the festivities. He stated, “The n—a Flip come down … [I’m] like, ‘Flip.’ The n–a like, ‘Joc, what’s up. What it do, baby.’ I’m like, ‘S–t, what’s up, my boy.’ We talking — T-Pain, Pain going to hate me for this — Pain was like, ‘Ah, put ‘er there.'”

While demonstrating the facial expression Lil Flip allegedly did to T-Pain’s greeting and attempted handshake, Yung Joc said, ‘That n—a Flip was like, ‘Yeah.’ I was like, ‘Oh…’ Pain was excited, he was a fan of Flip. He was like, ‘N—a, I’ve been wanting to meet this n—a. Put ‘er there,’ like on some white boy s–t, ‘Hey put ‘er there, chum. Flip wasn’t feeling none of that. Flip was like ‘n—a,’ and walked off.”

Yung Joc expressed that the encounter with Lil Flip hurt T-Pain’s feelings a lot. After they did the show, he claimed that T-Pain was still down in the dumps. He said, “We go do the show. Pain comes back he like, ‘Man, that s–t really f–k me up with Flip.’ I was like, ‘All right, man, f–k that s–t, man let’s go get something to drink.’ He was like ‘Man.’ I was like, ‘N—a, drinks on me. I’m buying all the shots.'”

Yung Joc wrapped up that portion of the conversation by saying that T-Pain was so moved by his offer that the “I’m Sprung” vocalist stated that he was “going places.” Sometime after the encounter, Yung Joc claimed T-Pain would ultimately record the “Buy You a Drank” track — which was allegedly inspired by the events that occurred with Lil Flip and Yung Joc buying him shots — and asked him to be a part of the single.

Uh Ohhh': T-Pain Hits Back After Yung Joc Reveals Alleged Inspiration Behind Hit Song ?Buy You a Drank?
T-Pain responds to Young Joc comments of how their hit song “Buy You a Drank” came about after the rapper’s interview was shared on The Shade Room. @theshaderoom/Instagram

As Yung Joc’s clip made its way to the social media blog site The Shade Room, T-Pain responded to his comments by writing the cap emoji.

When fans viewed T-Pain’s remarks, many voiced their opinions. In most of the comments, people wanted to know the actual story. At the same time, others claimed that Yung Joc’s statements could lead to a disagreement between the pair.

“Ahh s–t here we go.”

“Uh ohhh.”

“We need more than an emoji Pain…..”

“Well break it down tell us what was (cap emoji) and what wasn’t. Or the whole s–t was (cap emoji) you was never a FLIP FAN and that didn’t happen?”

“@tpain @lilflip713 we need your side homie.”

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