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‘Our Nephew Is So Well Spoken’: Phaedra Parks’ Fans Are Stunned By Ayden’s Public Speaking Skills 

Phaedra Parks shared a video on Instagram of her son Ayden Nida speaking at his cousin’s graduation party on Memorial Day weekend, and her fans were left impressed by the 11-year-old’s public speaking skills.

The former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” shared the video on May 30.

Phaedra Parks
Nov. 14, 2021 — Former reality star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks poses with her children Ayden Nida (L) and Dylan Nida (R). (Photo: @phaedraparks/Instagram)

Parks posted the video with a caption celebrating her sister Coriya Burns‘ son, Bryce Falker, graduating while also honoring Memorial Day.

“Today I celebrate and remember all the #graduates as well as those who served and died so that we could enjoy life as we know it,” she wrote. “The past few weeks have been incredibly emotional supporting and helping my sister @justcoriya prepare for her son @b.dakid_13 Bryce, my nephew and our favorite sitter and soccer expert for graduation.”

In the congratulatory post, Parks also said her nephew was handsome, smart and had good manners, while noting he was one of the only people she trusted to care for her children.

“Our children are a direct reflection of ourselves so it’s no surprise that Bryce is smart, handsome, well mannered but most importantly a God-fearing young man. He is one of the few that I will call to stay with my sons when I travel. Congratulations @justcoriya for being such an awesome mom and @ib.dakid_13 we will be #Italy like it’s downtown Decatur [100 and goat emojis] #God will #perfect#everything that #concerns me and you @justcoriya  Psalms 138:8 #happymemorialday.”

Parks ended the post by joking that her son would be available to host bar mitzvahs, weddings, graduations and prayer breakfasts. She also wanted to share her son’s public speaking skills as he congratulated his cousin on his new journey.

“And yes that is #PrinceAyden,” wrote Parks. “He is now available to host graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, wedding receptions and prayer breakfasts. He sings, sort of dances and hypes any crowd!”

The video began with Nida congratulating his cousin as he stood in front of a room with a microphone. The 11-year-old seemingly spoke with ease as he congratulated his cousin for graduating, being an excellent athlete and winning a scholarship to college in Europe. Falkner will be playing soccer for Rome City Institute in Rome, Italy.

“I would like to congratulate Bryce here for his wonderful talent athletically and physically,” said Nida of his big cousin. “Like, this man is an absolute goat at soccer,” continued Nida as the audience laughed. “He got a scholarship. He’s going D1. Can we give Bryce a round of applause?”

Burns replied to her sister’s Instagram post in the comments section and implied it may be time to book Nida for some hosting gigs.

“I can remember when we prayed for this and now it’s here. My baby may be going to Italy but he is covered worldwide,” she wrote. “Now let’s get #PrinceAyden booked and busy.”

Phaedra Parks Coriya Burns Bryce Falker
Coriya Burns and Bryce Falker on Instagram. (Photo: @justcoriya/Instagram)

Several people left comments about Nida’s impressive public speaking skills, including Parks’ former “RHOA” co-star Cynthia Bailey. “So smart & well-spoken! [heart emoji],” she wrote.

Fans also chimed in on Nida’s natural public speaking skills. “Our nephew is so well-spoken,” wrote one fan. “The Perfect Emcee!!! Awesome Job, Ayden,” added another.

“Wow, look at Ayden. Exemplary,” replied one. “Raising them right!!”

Nida’s father is Apollo Nida. Parks and Nida were married in 2009 and had two children, Ayden and Dylan Nida, the latter of whom is nine. Parks filed for a divorce in 2014.

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