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‘Thought This Was Jada with a New ‘Matrix’ Movie’: Tami Roman’s Latest Pic Has Fans Comparing Her to Jada Pinkett Smith  

Tami Roman had fans doing a double take on May 25 after debuting her new look. 

In the Instagram post, Roman, who rocked her blond pixie cut, was seen rocking a navy blue top and accessorized the ensemble with a full face of makeup and oversized sunglasses. 

?Thought This Was Jada with a New ?Matrix? Movie?: Tami Roman?s Latest Pic Has Fans Comparing Her to Jada Pinkett Smith??
Tami Roman’s latest look has fans mistaking her for Jada Pinkett Smith. @tamiroman/Instagram

Alongside the post, Roman shared in the caption that her look has inspired her to want to take on new acting roles if given the opportunity.

While listing the possible characters she could play, she wrote, “I want to do a movie where I rock my short hair, wear big frames, dark lipstick, show a lil cleavage, & beat up bad guys! #BlackGirlSuperhero #TheyHadSalt #IcouldBePepper#AtomicBlack #TheNewGuard #GIJanay.”

As fans viewed Roman’s post, a handful of people mistook the former reality star for Jada Pinkett Smith. One individual went as far as to point out that they thought that Pinkett Smith was promoting a new “Matrix” film. Pinkett Smith portrayed the role of Niobe in three of the four “Matrix” movies. The latest sequel was released last December.

“Thought this was Jada with a new Matrix movie.”

“I thought that was Jada for a second.”

Tami Roman and Jada Pinkett Smith
Tami Roman (left) and Jada Pinkett Smith (right). (Photo,: @tamiroman/Instagram, @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram)

“Yo Auntie you kinda look like Niobe @jadapinkettsmith.”

“Look like Jada Chile.”

Among the comparison remarks, many expressed how much they loved Roman’s look. One wrote, “Tami Roman face card never declines!!!” Another said, “She looks BOMB!!! the strong features are (fire emoji).”

A third social media user stated, “First thought, Damnnnnnn Bishhhhh out loud!! Tami you are one beautiful woman!! It be the growth & glow for me! God is good!!!.”

Roman’s post comes days after she revealed she spent some quality time with her two daughters Lyric and Jazz Anderson. 

She wrote in the caption, “Got to hang with my mini’s today & it was the recharge I needed @lyricchanel @jazzanderson.”

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