‘I Cut It All Off’: Reality Star Tami Roman Gets a Caesar Cut Right Before Her 52nd Birthday

“Bonnet Chronicles” host Tami Roman Youngblood has decided that she needed a change in her life. Right before the reality star celebrates her 52nd birthday, she got the “big chop” and cut down her bob-length blond tresses to a sexy caesar.

In a TikTok video, underscored by India.Aire’s 2006 hit song “I Am Not My Hair,” she told her fans her plans to shave it all off.

The giddy former MTV “Reality World” star said, “OJ, guys … So … I done linked up with kill bill over here because we’re gonna take this down and, you know, start anew, start fresh.”

She explained that she had a birthday coming up and was about to turn 52. 

“I’m tired of these dead ends, so we just gonna start new and fresh,” she stated as the barber took his clippers to cut down her hair. 

Each level of the cut had the basketball wife-turned-influencer squealing, and by the time he took her to her “level 1,” with a fresh line-up around her front hairline, she looked like a different Roman.

Fans seemed to love the cut and jumped in her comments on her Instagram post about her hair to shout her out.

ImHere317 wrote, “Wow you look so beautiful.” While Tara Watts welcomed her to the short hair club, “Welcome to the Club!!! I go down to a 0 and ain’t looking back.”

Her celebrity girlfriends gave her virtual high-fives in the comment section of the post.

Niecy Nash is now considering cutting her hair, writing, “Love this ❤️❤️🔥🔥 I might follow you girl! Inspiration fah sho!”

Comedic actor Bresha Webb commented, “U betta serve face!!! U look beautiful every way, but this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Jill Marie Jones, who played Toni on the hit show “Girlfriends,” dropped only one word to encapsulate how she feels about the hair move: “GORGEOUS.”

Red carpet it girl Tanika Ray said that she was obsessed with how beautiful Roman looks, proclaiming, “Don’t even need hair.”

This is not the first time that Roman has chopped it all off. In 2019, she talked about jumping from black hair to blond hair and causing her to lose “a lot” of it. However, she said, “It’s just hair.”

Tami Roman showed off her short look back in 2019 after a bad dye job. @tamiroman/Instagram

“I’m taking this opportunity to start over… natural hair journey begins,” she declared before asking for suggestions for hair products that she should consider using.

Comments two and half years ago were just as positive, with one person saying that it’s her “best look.”

As for her signature bonnet from the show, used to protect her longer hair? She could still use it, but more likely she has swapped it out for a wave cap. Wonder if those Chronicles are up next.

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