‘He Sound Crazy AF’: Snoop Dogg Explains Why He Turned Down $2M to DJ at Michael Jordan’s Party

Many celebrities in Hollywood have turned down massive pay deals from time to time for one reason or another. Recently fans on social media were left speechless after West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg opened up about “one of the craziest” deals he’s ever turned and how it involved NBA legend Michael Jordan.

During a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast, the “Gin and Juice” emcee reflected on turning down a massive business opportunity. “I know one of the craziest deals I turned down. It was like $2 million to DJ for — I think it was a Michael Jordan event — and I turned it down,” he said.

“And I never met Michael Jordan, and I want to meet him. ‘Cause I was doing some other sh-t. I had sh-t to do, and I had way more customers before I get to you,” the rapper added.

Snoop was adamant about meeting the legendary sports figure, but he wanted their first introduction to be on different terms. “Nah, but I never met Michael Jordan, and I wanna meet him,” he reiterated before stating, “And I wanna meet him on a different; I don’t wanna meet him on no DJing.” He added, “I wanna meet him as a fan, as a boss.”

Fans were stunned at Snoop’s admission. Several people on social media applauded the emcee for not neglecting his prior engagements just to meet his idol, including one Instagram user who wrote, “I like that he didn’t neglect his prior engagements or the ppl that booked him before that offer came through but 2mil def ain’t nothing to play with.” 

Still, some thought the rapper was foolish for saying no, although he had other affairs, like one critic who wrote, “Man he sound crazy af !! If you getting 2 milli for djing N you is a boss.”  

Since turning down the substantial offer, the rapper said he still has yet to meet the former Chicago Bulls star, but he still dreams of that day coming. “It’s like, ‘Mike, I’ve loved you since North Carolina, I’m a big fan of yours, I love what you do, you one of the greatest to ever do it,’ ” he expressed. “ ‘Give me a couple of secrets on how you did this.’ ”

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