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‘So Y’all Left Auntie Kenya and Auntie Marlo at Home?’: Kandi Burruss Takes Girls’ Trip to Las Vegas and Fans Bring Up Her ‘RHOA’ Co-stars

On Tuesday, May 17, reality star Kandi Burruss of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” shared a video of her trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday, with fans in turn noting how good she looked. Burruss, who also is an entrepreneur, turned 46.

For her trip, she was accompanied by friends Lena Danielle, Ami and Shamea Morton. Morton frequently appeared on the reality show as a friend. Show followers were curious as to why Burruss’ other co-stars were not on the celebratory trip. These include Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton.

?So Y?all Left Auntie Kenya and Auntie Marlo at Home??: Kandi Burruss Takes Girls' Trip to Las Vegas and Fans Bring Up Her ?RHOA? Co-stars

The ladies celebrated the “RHOA” star’s birthday in a recording set to “Where My Girls At” by the girl group 702. In the video, the women danced, drank daiquiris and posed in their swimsuits, saying to the camera, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Burruss captioned the post, “Fun times in Vegas baby! With my girls @shameamorton, @just_aminat & @lenahuggs.”

Several fans noted the absence of Burruss’ co-stars from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” One fan wondered specifically where castmates Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton were.

“So y’all left auntie Kenya & auntie Marlo at home? [laughing-crying emojis],” that person wrote. “I only see Kandi Burruss,” added another fan. “I ain’t see Kenya [laughing-crying emojis].”

Many notable names wished Burruss a happy birthday, including entrepreneur and newlywed Monyetta Carter, who wrote, “Happy Happy Birthday boo!!” Carter has two children with singer Ne-Yo, to whom she previously was engaged.

“Love & Hip-Hop” star Yandy Smith-Harris replied, “Ohhhhhhhweeeeeee y’all cute cute.”

Morton had this to say: “Too much fun.” Burruss’ friend Ami also left a comment. “Ayyy…turn down for what?! Happy Birthday.”

Fans also wished Burruss a happy birthday and left comments on her youthful appearance. One social media user echoed the wishes of many and replied, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANDI.” 

“Kandi don’t age. Looking so cute,” added another. “Kandi lookin Goodt!!!!”

“C’mon now Kandi. You KNOW you are killin that suit!”

“Love the song choice,” said one Instagram user. “Sets the mood.”

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