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‘No One Could Touch Eddie Murphy In The 80’s’: Eddie Murphy Trends on Twitter After Fans Revisit His Best Movies

Eddie Murphy quickly became a trending topic on Twitter during the wee hours of Thursday, May 19. The legendary actor and comedian is currently preparing to reprise his role as Axel Foley in “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” but fans took the opportunity to revisit some of their favorite Eddie Murphy movies, scenes and comedic skits.

“Eddie Murphy is trending and not enough people are recommending Beverly Hills Cop,” said one person.

Another wrote, “Don’t know why Eddie Murphy is trending just know I’m happy about it.”

A third said, “Eddie Murphy is trending and it’s time to remind everyone with irrefutable evidence that he’s one of the greatest comedians of all time.”

“Since Eddie Murphy is trending,” wrote a fourth person who shared a hilarious clip from the 1994 comedy “Nutty Professor II.” In the film, Murphy played multiple roles as Mama Klump, Granny Klump, Papa Klump, Ernie Klump Sr. and Buddy Love. At one point during the family dinner scene, Mama Klump encouraged her son, Ernie Klump Jr., played by Jamal Mixon, to show off his muscles.

She began repeatedly chanting, “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules,” while he flexed his arms in the air.

A handful of fans went back to the 1980s to revisit the Grammy winner’s short-lived music career. Murphy’s second comedy album, “Eddie Murphy: Comedian” won a Grammy for Best Comedy of the Year in 1984. A year later, he released his catchy dance single “Party All the Time,” produced by Rick James.

“That time Eddie Murphy and Rick James teamed up to make this banger,” wrote one individual.

Another individual shared a clip of Murphy impersonating boxing legend Mike Tyson, stating, “No one could touch Eddie Murphy in the 80’s.”

Dozens also shared clips of Murphy’s ’90’s duet “What’s Up With You?” with the late Michael Jackson. The song and video was recorded a month after Murphy made a cameo in the short film for Michael Jackson’s single “Remember the Time.” He portrayed a charming pharaoh, while MJ steals the attention and affection of the pharaoh’s queen, played by fashion model Iman.

One person said, “They cut off the best part when Eddie Murphy put his hand over MJ’s mouth. I kid you not.”

Meanwhile, others revisited Murphy’s role in “Dreamgirls,” which landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Speaking about his role as musician James Early, one person said, “Eddie Murphy gave the performance of his career in ‘Dreamgirls.’ “

A final commentator said, “Seeing Eddie Murphy trending is a major problem for me. I’d like to have a productive day but I’m just gonna be scrolling through all the Eddie tweets and watching all the clips people posting even though I’ve seen them all hundreds of times already. LEGEND.”

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