‘He Was the Guiding Force’: Katt Williams Reveals ‘Prince’ Is the Reason Why He Has High Self-Esteem  

Katt Williams was interviewed by Arsenio Hall during the Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival on May 5, and the two comedians chopped it up.  

Arsenio Hall Katt Williams
Arsenio Hall interviews Katt Williams for the “Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival” on May 5 in Los Angeles. (Photo: Netflix Is A Joke / YouTube)

Williams told Hall that he was inspired by Prince and spent five years as a rapper before becoming a comedian after meeting the legendary performer when he was just 12.  

Williams said he met the “Purple Rain” singer in Dayton, Ohio, when the singer was performing at the University of Dayton Arena. “I met Prince when I was 12,” he said. “I knew him my whole life. He was like the guiding force for me. The reason I have high self-esteem was because of him.”  

“He was a high thinker and a guy that was always 30 steps ahead of whatever the curve was,” Williams continued. “You know, when you play 26, 28 instruments, it means that you are able to be multifaceted while also focusing on each thing like it’s the only thing, which is a hard skill. But he let me know that you could be short and light-skinned with long hair and people can make fun of you, but as long as women loved you, you have nothing to worry about.” 

After Hall noted that Williams is rarely seen doing standup at the comedy clubs, Williams replied that he didn’t need to practice in the club.  

“Do you work in your house?” asked Hall. “How do you get right?”  

“I didn’t get any shortcuts. So, for the first 10-15 years I had to do what every stand-up has to do and go to the club and work out your material,” he said. “I don’t do any practicing in clubs.” 

Williams’ comedy special “World War III” debuts on Netflix on May 17. 

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