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Rapper Young Thug Declares Crime Would Decrease If ‘Broke-Ass N-ggas’ Stop Having Children

Young Thug has some strong beliefs about people in low-income communities who decide to become parents. While sitting in the studio, the Atlanta-based rapper went on a rant about how he feels there should be a rule to ban “broke” people from creating families.

In a clip that has since been circling social media, Thugger, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams declared that “God needs to set some rules, bruh” while looking directly into the camera. 

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 12: Hip-hop artist Young Thug arrives at a release party for his new album “PUNK” at Delilah on October 12, 2021 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

We need new rules,” the “Pick Up the Phone” rapper continued. “If you dead broke, if you a broke-ass n-gga, you should not be able to nut. You’re bringing poor kids into this world, f-ck n-gga. You’re making n-ggas rob and kill and steal because you’re running around with no type of career, no nothing.”

“Now your kids growing up wanting sh-t. Your kids growing up looking at Thug and his gang,” the 30-year-old added.

The rap star’s comment appeared to draw mixed reactions from critics on social media, including one Twitter user who wrote, “I was w/him till he said making them rob and steal, etc.” They added, “I understand the circumstances give them a higher chance at those crimes, but you can raise broke children to make better decisions.”

Meanwhile, others noted that Thugger, who fathered his first kid in his teens and is now a dad to six children, was not always in his current financial situation when he chose to become a parent. “That n-gga had a lot of kids when he was broke tf. He talking about tf just cause he got some money now he feeling himself smfh,” commented another person. 

However, a fan was quick to come to the entertainer’s defense, writing, “I mean regardless of whether he’s done it or not he’s still spittin. why tf would you bring a whole human into this world if you aren’t financially stable enough to take proper care of them it’s not fair to the child.”

Thugger made similar statements about low-income parents in 2015. During an effort to get back his children the rapper took to social media where he wrote, “I just wanna no y should a peasant with no job, or future, or apartment/house/condo have custody of a rich mans child!! I’m lost …”

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