Young Thug Suing Atlanta Complex Over Lost Louis Vuitton Bag Containing Unreleased Tracks, Valuables Worth Over $1 Million

Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, is suing an Atlanta apartment management company and concierge service for their employees’ parts in losing his designer bag filled with valuables worth over $120,000.

In the lawsuit, which named his apartment complex’s owner JLB Peachtree and the concierge company Pegasus Residential as defendants, Williams alleges that after accidentally leaving his Louis Vuitton bag next to his vehicle at his Trace Apartment residence in November 2020, the bag was reported by a resident and turned over to an apartment complex concierge service employee named Lillie Bouie.

The claim says Bouie placed the bag in a secure location, informed Williams that it would be safe until he returned to retrieve it, and left a note for the rest of the concierge staff to let her know when the bag was collected so she could verify that it went to the right person. The ball was apparently dropped along the way, however, when a different employee, LaToya Guest, handed the bag off to an unknown person and did not notify Bouie. It has been missing since then.

According to Williams, the lost bag contained 20 unreleased tracks, $40,000 in cash, and jewelry worth $94,000, including a diamond chain worth $37,000 and a diamond-encrusted watch worth $57,000. The “Go Crazy” artist claims the monetary loss totals more than $1 million and is seeking compensation for the value of his property and attorney’s fees, alleging that the defendants failed “to adequately train concierge employees,” and did not have “sufficient policies, procedures, and controls related to the handling of, keeping possession of and safely returning a tenant’s valuable property.”

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