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‘It’s Giving Prison’: Fans Share Mixed Reviews Over Rapper Fabolous’ Salmon and Ramen Noodles ‘Struggle’ Dinner

Celebrities love to flaunt their expensive eating habits at lavish, luxurious restaurants. But no matter how much money they make, it’s hard to break away from traditional roots.

On Tuesday, April 27, Fabolous gave his 9.3 million Instagram followers a glimpse into what he cooked for dinner. Instead of a five-star steak or freshly grilled lobster, the “Soul Food” rapper pulled a few ingredients from his fridge.

Fans clown rapper Fabolous for his homemade salmon and Top Ramen noodles dinner. (Photo: @myfabolouslife/Instagram.)

“Decided to try to cook something,” he wrote on his Instagram story, over a photo of three salmon fillets, frozen mixed veggies, various seasonings and a pack of chicken-flavored ramen noodles.

“My struggle meal don’t look that bad,” added Fab over a photo of the finished plate. Despite the preparation process, the end result looked tasty and seasoned to perfection.

Fab’s Tuesday night dinner plate made it on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where fans clowned the Brooklyn native for his “5-star jail meal.” Another said, “It actually doesn’t look bad…I wasn’t expecting the presentation to be popping.” Here’s what others had to say.

“When you boujie & ghetto.”

“Some men can’t even make a bowl of cereal! I’m not mad at it.”

“I’ll snatch the salmon and go that’s it.”

“That ramen will hit every time.”

“Mr. Fabolous… it’s giving prison.”

Many began to question if the “Can’t Let You Go” artist was on bad terms with his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, Emily B. “Look like a single man dinner,” wrote one person, while another said, “It’s giving Emily is not around.”

One individual said, “Emily, please help him.”

Those who disagreed with Fab’s “struggle meal” offered him advice on how he could make the meal better. One said, “Next time, mix the noodles with the vegetables and call it a gourmet meal.” Another added, “Damn, he coulda put some razzle-dazzle on the veggies tho.”

Fans also had mixed reviews about rapper Kash Doll, who prefers her salmon raw. The Neighborhood Talk also captured a video from the Detroit native’s Instagram story, where she asked “Have y’all ever had raw salmon?…Raw salmon.”

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