‘I Never Had This…Mentality That Women are Beneath Me’: Cam Newton Says His Previous Comments About Women Were ‘Taken Completely Out of Context’

After making controversial comments about women, Cam Newton released a new video to clarify his derogatory statements. During an appearance on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast last week, the former Carolina Panthers player complained about women who “can’t cook” and who “don’t know when to be quiet.” He received even more backlash for describing the difference between what he describes as a well-respected woman and a “bad b—h.”

In an eight-minute-long video for his YouTube series, “Funky Friday,” the three-time Pro Bowler explained that his comments were misconstrued.

Cam Newton poses with his seven children that incldes four sons and three daughters. (Photo: @cameron1newton/Instagram.)

He said, “Recently, I was just scrutinized, bashed, went viral for something that I did and spoke on. But it was the clip that was taken completely out of context.”

The father of seven continued, “I never once had this sexist mentality. I never had this dictatorship mentality towards women…this mentality that women are beneath me. Because that’s completely false.”

Newton seemingly doubled down on his initial remarks, stating that his only mistake was not “going in-depth” about the subject. He added that “I should have said on top of what I also mentioned that not only should a woman know when to be quiet, a man also should know when to be quiet.”

The 32-year-old free agent continued rambling on about how he supports his community and his kids, insisting he is not sexist.

“I got daughters. When the day comes out that my daughters look back and say, ‘Damn, dad, what did you really mean about that?’ I’m not going to cower away and say, ‘Oh well that just got [thrown] out of context.’ “

Newton ended the video by blasting people who refuse to focus on the positivity he brings to various conversations or the family dynamic in which he was raised.

“I grew up in a three-parent household [with] my mom, my father, as well as my grandparent, my grandmother and they showed me the way,” he shared.

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