‘She Said Aht Aht’: Jill Scott Shuts Down Lizzo Comparison Following One Fan’s Tweet 

Jill Scott appears not to be fond of being compared to Lizzo.

On April 21, the 50-year-old put an immediate end to Twitter user @CharriseJLane’s comparison tweet before she found herself in unwanted controversy. The post pitted Jill and Lizzo against each other regarding the “level of class” each woman has.

Jill Scott (left) tells a Twitter user to “stop that” when comparing the singer to Lizzo (right). (Photos: @missjillscott/Instagram, @lizzobeeating/Instagram)

The viral tweet talked about men’s preferences stem from how classy a woman is rather than her physical appearance. It also included a photo of Jill and a screenshot of Lizzo dressed in a revealing ensemble as she enters a private jet.

The post read, “Your size isn’t the reason Men won’t date you. It’s the level of class you have. For instance, let’s compare Jill Scott to Lizzo. Men, which one would you date?” As Jill caught wind of what was going on, the “Golden” vocalist responded to @CharriseJLane’s tweet by sharing a gif of Kevin Hart mouthing the words, “Stop that.”

As Jill’s response began circulating online, fans mentioned how quickly the “Why Did I Get Married” star shut down the user’s post. The majority of the comments pointed out that Jill didn’t want unnecessary drama.

“Jill Scott said don’t put my name in nothing.”

“Jill said don’t put me in it.”

“She really just respectfully said don’t put my name in s–t.”

“She said aht aht.”

“I love some Jill Scott and she said not today.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others expressed that people need to stop pitting women against each other and allow them to live as they choose. One wrote, “When will people learn to stop pitting women against each other, chile.”

Another said, “Stop putting black women against each other.” A third social media user said, “Stop comparing women and let them be who they want to be!”

Despite Jill’s response, Lizzo has yet to address the situation.

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